Exmark Laser Z X-Series: Big Performance for Big Jobs

Exmark Laser Z X-Series: Big Performance for Big JobsAre you looking for the ultimate in mowing productivity? Then Exmark’s new Laser Z X-Series should be at the top of your list. This top-of-the-line ZTRs offer all of Exmark’s best features, including RED technology, UltraCut constructed decks and custom-built wheel motors. That means better efficiency, better durability and better performance than almost any mower on the market.


Exmark gives you a choice of Kawasaki FX or Kohler Command EFI engines. All engines come with heavy-duty canister air filters, reducing wear and service intervals.

Kohler models come with Exmark’s RED Technology. This electronic control suite lets you switch between Low, Efficient and Max modes at a touch of a button to get the right balance of performance, noise and fuel economy. It also comes with a digital display that lets you check the engine temperature, oil pressure and charging voltage. If something goes wrong, the mower can be put into a safe transport mode to get it back to your trailer or garage for repairs. The RED Technology system also automatically drops engine RPM when engaging the PTO clutch, reducing wear.

Want something simpler? The FX uses a carburetor, but it still has all the design features you expect in a modern commercial engine. A built-in oil cooler integrated clean out ports and a rotating grass chopper screen keep the engine clean and cool. Maintenance is simple thanks to Kawasaki’s tune-up kits. These contain the oil, filters and other parts you need in one box.


Exmark offers the X-Series with UltraCut Series 6 decks in 60, 72 and 96-inch widths. These are constructed decks that use 10 gauge steel for the top, 7 gauge steel for the side skirts, and have 7 gauge reinforcements for spindle mounts. Anti-scalp rollers come standard.

Want to leave clippings on the lawn without clumping? You can also get an X-Series fitted with a 60 or 72-inch wide rear discharge deck. These models are only available with Kohler engines.

With either deck design, you can change the deck height using an assisted foot-operated deck lift. Cutting heights range from 1 to 5 1/2 inches, adjustable in ¼ inch increments. Like Exmark’s other decks, the UltraCut uses sealed spindles that don’t require maintenance.

Drive System

Exmark worked with Parker to design unitized pump and wheel motors specifically for these mowers. A built-in fan and spin-on filter ensure long term durability. Models with the 52-inch deck can reach 10 MPH, while all other models have a top speed of 11.5 MPH.


All the power in the world won’t do you any good if you have trouble staying on your mower through the workday. That’s why Exmark fits the X-Series with a high-backed suspension seat uses mounts that isolate all three planes of motion. This stops the transfer of vibrations from the engine and deck while absorbing bumps. The levers are hydraulically dampened and can be set to two heights and three positions to fit any size operator. These mowers also come with a 12-volt outlet to charge your phone and a cup holder.


If you choose a mower with a side discharge deck, there are several ways you can outfit it to deal with clippings. The micro-mulch system adds baffles to increase vacuum along with blades that finely chop up clippings. For clipping collection, Exmark gives you the option of using the UltraVac that dumps with one motion, a three bag collector or a three-bushel side-mounted collector. You can also switch between cutting modes on the go with an operator-controlled discharge chute. This is handy for blocking the chute when operating near cars and windows.

If you have a rear discharge deck, there are still ways to customize your mower. This includes finish cut baffles for an even surface, a side wear bar to resist impacts, and white non-marking side bumpers that protect trees and buildings from scuffs.

No matter which deck you have, you can add a light kit if you want to work in low light conditions, and a ROPS-mounted sunshade to protect yourself from summer heat.


Exmark guarantees the Laser Z X-Series for 1,500 hours and 5 years. These mowers are also guaranteed for the first two years with no hour limit. Kohler and Kawasaki both guarantee their engines for three years with no hour limit.

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