Exmark Laser Z Advantage Series (AS) Overview

Exmark Lazer Z ASThe Laser Z is a line of commercial riding mowers from Exmark. Included in this line is the value-priced model, the Laser Z AS. The Laser AS offers businesses the core functionality provided by a commercial grade mower without the hefty price tag. For users who require additional functionality, the similarly economical Laser Z Advantage Series X models are available.


The Exmark Lazer Z Advantage Series comes in two forms. The first form is the standard AS model. The standard AS model has two cutting widths: 48 inches and 52 inches. It comes with one of two air-cooled 20 horsepower Kawasaki engines, allowing the machine to reach a top speed of eight miles per hour. Its power take-off, or PTO, clutch is rated for 175 ft-lbs. It also has an adjustable UltraCut Series 4-deck system with a wide-flange cutter housing. All but one model of the AS line comes with a heavy-duty air cleaner for improved airflow.

The other Advantage Series model is the ASX. This model comes with four cutting widths: 48 inches, 52 inches, 60 inches and a massive 72 inches. A 22 horsepower air-cooled Kawasaki motor powers the 48-inch model. One of two air-cooled Kohler engines producing 23 or 27 horsepower powers the 52-inch model. Buyers who require the 60-inch cutting width may select from an air-cooled 25 horsepower Kohler engine, an air-cooled 27 horsepower Kohler engine or a liquid-cooled 26 horsepower Kawasaki engine. A liquid-cooled 29 horsepower Kawasaki engine powers the large 72-inch model.

The larger Advantage Series X models use larger tires than the standard AS models. All ASX models have a top speed of 10 miles per hour. All ASX models come with all the same features as the standard AS models with several improvements. First among these is a PTO clutch rated for 200 ft-lbs. Additionally, the ASX comes with a premium seat and a 12-gallon tank.

Features and Benefits

The Laser Z Advantage Series offers great value to buyers. In a challenging economy, commercial and residential property owners and landscapers may not have the capital to invest in new equipment. With the AS and ASX models, operators can purchase the necessary functionality at a reduced price. A wide array of size options from 48 inches to 72 inches and eight engine choices ensures that businesses and property owners can find an affordable choice for their needs.

For users willing to spend the extra money, there are several optional features on the AS and the ASX. Buyers can choose 3D motion isolation, a tilt-up seat, and optional instrumentation including diagnostics and a fuel gauge. The motion isolation allows users to operate in great comfort as they navigate uneven terrain, and the optional diagnostic features will make it easier for operators to diagnose issues. Several levels of comfort improvements are optional. At the highest levels of comfort, users will experience a comfortable suspension seat with full 3D isolation.

Recommended Users

The Laser Z Advantage Series is recommended to any professional landscaper or commercial property owner. Their large width, high speeds and high-powered engines make them ideal for mowing large tracts of land quickly. Due to their value and their creature comforts, the AS and ASX models are also recommended for any user with a large amount of grass to mow, such as the owners of large residential property. Comfortable riding mowers allow the operator to avoid excessive strain and integrated cup holders allow users to enjoy a cool non-alcoholic beverage on a warm day. Residential users may wish to upgrade to higher comfort levels while commercial users may simply be interested in functionality and durability.

Maintenance and Repair

Like all mechanical devices, mowers eventually require service. Servicing a mower may require replacing parts. Owners must always use OEM parts when servicing a Laser Z Advantage Series mower. Failing to do so can cause serious damage to the machine and void the warranty, as aftermarket parts are not always built to factory specifications. With proper servicing and reasonable care, an Exmark Laser Z Advantage Series motor will provide many years of faithful service.

When choosing an outlet for parts for an Exmark riding mower, buyers should remember to verify the nature and the name of the part that they need. More than a few owners of complex equipment fail to match the name of a part to the actual needed part and order the wrong one. Shank’s Lawn Equipment offers users a handy parts-locator tool. Users can access machine diagrams and parts lists to ensure that they not only find the correct part for their machine, but also that they get original equipment parts in premium quality.

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