Exmark ECS Drive System

ECSWalk behind lawn mowers are easily the standard for homeowners, and they’re a preferred way to get the job done even for commercial or municipal buyers who are looking to do professional work without the use of a riding mower. Many people simply prefer the added maneuverability of many walk behind models, which allows for a more professional cut and, in some cases, greater productivity. This is something that Exmark seems to understand, with the company’s lineup of available mowers including several industrial-grade walk behind mowers that easily fit in where commercial or municipal mowing takes center stage.

In addition to producing some of the most powerful and sizable walk behind mowers on the market, Exmark has taken things a step further by ensuring excellent operator comfort during operation. For those familiar with traditional walk behind models, the downsides are pretty common and almost universally known: The handle isn’t comfortable, it’s sometimes positioned just a bit too low, and the amount of vibrations transmitted from the engine to the handle can be extremely uncomfortable during extended periods. That’s where the ECS drive system comes in.

ECS: What the Enhanced Control System Means to Exmark Buyers

Landscaping is hard work, even if it just means regular mowing of sizable outdoor parks, recreational fields, and other areas. Over time, mowing these areas with a standard walk behind mower can lead to a significant amount of fatigue and joint stress. The result can often be seen in repetitive stress injuries, lower levels of productivity, and other health issues that come largely from unnatural hand positions and excessive transmission of vibrations. These are issues that the Enhanced Control System seeks to improve or eliminate entirely.

The Enhanced Control System allows fewer vibrations to be transmitted from the engine directly to the mower’s handle, making it easier for operators to work for extended periods of time in even the largest commercial or municipal settings. This is especially important for those operators using commercial-grade Exmark mowers, since they generally feature larger and therefore noisier engines than those mowers targeted to residential customers.

The system is also designed to enhanced productivity. It does this first by ensuring greater comfort, and therefore a reduced need for breaks or fatigue-induced early quit times. But there’s a method to the madness when it comes to the ECS: Exmark has worked to centralize controls and place them immediately near the handles, allowing them to be easily operated without idling the mower, stopping the equipment or searching for the proper lever. By pairing great comfort with easy accessibility of controls, the system is more ergonomic and designed with the operator firmly in mind.

The Key Components of the Enhanced Control System in Exmark Mowers

Generally, the major perks of opting for a mower with the Enhanced Control System in place can be broken down into a few key categories. These benefits work for both operator comfort and general mower use, enhancing productivity and reducing major health risks in the process.

Ergonomic Handles

Placing a long, horizontal bar on a walk behind mower is standard practice. It’s not the best one for prolonged periods of use, however, since it forces the hands and wrists to be rotated at unnatural angles. The ECS comes with two separate handles, placed at an upward angle, that allow the hands to rest in their natural position. This reduces stress issues and promotes a far lesser impact on the joints.

Vibration Reduction

The Enhanced Control System uses innovative cushioning to surround the mower’s handles. This cushioning was specifically designed to absorb the vibrations transmitted to the handles from the mower’s large engine. When combined with the ergonomic position of the hands, this can reduce fatigue and virtually eliminate the risk of repetitive stress injuries on the job.

Centralized Controls

Finally, the ECS allows the central placement of engine controls near the handles, making it easy to adjust speed and other settings without idling the mower, stopping work, or otherwise lessening productivity.

Availability is Broad and Growing Among Exmark Walk Behind Mowers

The major benefits of the Enhanced Control System have drawn all types of commercial-grade buyers to Exmark’s mowers, and the company has committed to actively and quickly expanding its implementation to all current and future models. Currently, the ECS drive system can be found on the company’s Turf Tracer S-Series and X-Series models, as well as the Viking series and the Vantage X-Series mowers currently on the market.

Choose Shank’s Lawn Equipment for More About the ECS Drive System

With benefits that enhance operator health, reduce fatigue, and bolster overall productivity, the Enhanced Control System should be a natural fit in any landscaping operation. If you are in the Chambersburg or Fayetteville PA areas, be sure to visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment to learn more about the ECS, check out the mowers that come standard with the system, and explore the benefits of more ergonomic mowing over the long-term. If you aren’t lucky enough to live close by, visit them online at www.shankslawn.com for all your OEM Replacement parts needs. The easy to use online parts lookup tool will help you to find just what you are looking for.

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