Exmark Commercial 30 ECKA30 Push Mower Review

Exmark ECKA30 LawnmowerWhen it comes to commercial lawn mowing, the focus is almost exclusively on riding mowers. There’s actually a pretty good reason for that: The nature and design of riding mowers means that they can offer far larger mowing decks than push models, allowing them to get a significantly larger amount of work done in the same amount of time. That doesn’t mean that there’s absolutely no room for a push mower in commercial landscaping, however. In fact, Exmark’s EXCKA30 model is doing its part to radically change the game and offer superior cutting width along with the portability of a push model. It succeeds in many ways, and might be an asset for small-time commercial landscaping business owners.

The Technical Specifications: A Look Under the EXCKA30’s Proverbial Hood

Exmark generally prefers to equip all of its mowers, whether their residential or commercial, with Kawasaki engines. The pure performance, power, and efficiency of these engines makes Kawasaki’s engines perfect for a vast array of settings, including push mowing. That’s why the company has opted to include the Kawasaki FJ180V KAI engine in this particular mower. The FJ KAI engine series is widely regarded as the best for transitional use in smaller commercial equipment models, and in this case it produces a much-needed 179cc of displacement. The Kawasaki engine also helps to power the self-propelled drive system and works in conjunction with an ultra-smooth hydrostatic transmission.

Using self-propelled operation, the mower can travel forward at speeds of up to 4.2 miles per hour. That’s actually on par with the most compact riding mowers on the market, making this a particularly impressive investment for those on the commercial side of landscaping. Reversing the mower will require manual operation, but that’s to be expected from a push mower model. Whether working forward or backwards, the mower will enjoy hours of continuous use thanks to the included 1-gallon fuel tank. This means less interruptions and less trips to the pump, maximizing efficiency overall.

Finally, the key feature to consider when looking into the EXCKA30 Exmark push mower is its actual deck size. The average deck size of a typical push mower is just 21 inches, which is what makes them so undesirable for large-scale commercial work. This model, however, changes the game and offers a whopping 30-inch deck for commercial users. That’s a significant size difference, and it makes this mower just as efficient and productive as a larger riding mower with which it would typically compete.

A Review of the Features Showcases a Great Commercial Mower

The Exmark EXCKA30 push mower is no slouch when it comes to offering innovative features for those considering a push model for their commercial landscaping business. Perhaps the most significant of its selling points is the dual-blade cutting system featured under the deck. This design is fast becoming an industry standard for riding models, but the EXCKA30 makes it a must-have for push mowing work as well. Dual blades ensures a more accurate and precise cut even on challenging terrain, and that means it will produce a healthier law that grows better, looks more attractive from the street, and looks as if it was done by a commercial-grade riding mower more than twice the size of this push model.

Another key thing to keep in mind about the Exmark EXCKA30 is that it shares the company’s commitment to universally accessible and easy maintenance. Exmark has long pioneered the panel access system on its riding mower models, but the company has brought that unique design to its EXCKA30 push mower as well with the latest iteration. These access panels provide easy access to key mower features and parts, like belts, bolts, and bearings, and require the equipment owner only to remove a few screws and a single metal panel. Once removed, everything is within easy reach and maintenance can be completed in just a few minutes in most cases.

Finally, consider the full weight of this mower: Exmark notes that it weighs just 170 pounds in total. That might not be very remarkable for a residential mower, but this is a commercial model designed to compete with the biggest names in commercial landscaping. It’s virtually impossible to find a riding mower that weighs so little, making this particular choice far easier to tote between jobs and keep in storage during the off-season. For small-time landscapers with limited storage space, budgetary considerations, or towing capacity, that makes the EXCKA30 seriously worth considering as an alternative to a heavier, bulkier riding model.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment Has Great Exmark Mowers and OEM Parts

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