Echo X Series String Trimmers

Echo X Series String TrimmersThe idea behind Echo’s X Series is simple. Instead of having to look at a dozen or so models to find the best one for your landscaping business, they put this label on the best they have to offer.
What do you get when you buy one of their X Series string trimmers? Something that isn’t as heavy and awkward as a purpose-built brush cutter, but still has plenty of performance and design features that make it easy to use all day.

What Makes These Trimmers Commercial Grade?

Echo started with engines taken from Echo’s chainsaw lineup. These two-strokes have a magnesium fan housing to keep weight down. A bellows-style fuel transfer system prevents vapor lock, making it easier to start the engine when it’s hot. Air passes through a two stage air filter, keeping the inside of the engine clean for a longer service life. This filter can be serviced without tools, making it easy to clean and replace.

The main maintenance interval comes every three months, and it’s simple enough for owners to do themselves. Echo even makes tune-up packs with everything you need to keep your trimmer running. If the cooling fins get dirty, you only need to remove a couple screws to remove the engine shroud. While most repairs are relatively simple, Echo recommends having the carburetor adjusted by the dealer if you operate at altitudes over 1,100 feet.

Over-molded front and rear grips, like you’ll find on most power tools, provide better grip and absorb some of the engine vibration. Echo uses loop grips on all of their X Series models.



The smaller X Series trimmer comes with a 25.4 cc two-stroke engine that makes 1.35 HP. A 1.62:1 gear ratio keeps line speeds high to rip through grass. This model comes with a Speed-Feed 400 cutting head that reloads quickly without needing to be disassembled. It comes pre-loaded with Echo’s updated 0.095 Black Diamond line, but this head can handle line up to 0.130 inches in diameter. The cutting swath for this model is 17 inches. The 2620 tips the scales at 12.3 lbs.


Need more power to cut through woody growth? The SRM-2620T has a 2:1 gear ratio, giving it 28% more torque than the standard 2620. This larger gearbox increases weight to 12.5 lbs, but it’s otherwise identical to the SRM-2620.


How do you follow up the success of the SRM-2620? Add more power. The new 3020 has a 30.5 cc two-stroke engine producing 1.8 HP. That added power cuts a 20 inch swath using a Speed-Feed 450 cutting head. This head handles up to 0.130 inch line, and comes with the same 0.095 Black Diamond line as the 2620. The gearbox has a 1.62:1 gear ratio. Without fuel, the 3020 weighs 13.7 lbs.


The high torque version of the 3020 has a 2:1 gear reduction and weighs 13.9 lbs.

Attachments and Accessories

Echo offers an edger, tiller and brush cutter for their X Series line. Currently, these attachments are only available for the SRM-2620 and  SRM-2620T.

The edger attachment uses a 0.090 inch blade to cut clean edges against pavement and redefine garden beds. It’s compatible with Echo’s Crack Chaser wire wheel. This wheel removes dirt and vegetation from pavement, preparing it for sealing.

The tiller attachment replaces the trimmer head with a pair of tilling blades for tilling and cultivating.

Echo also offers a blade conversion kit for brush cutting. It uses a 20 mm arbor, and is available with or without an 8 inch, 8 tooth brush blade. A harness and barrier bars are included.

Like the X Series, but want to use a different cutting head? Echo offers a high capacity manual head, a heavy-duty fixed line head and the ECHOmatic bump head. These heads can be used with all X Series models. The Maxi-Cut head uses heavy-duty composite blades instead of line, making it a good choice for cutting thick brush. It’s only compatible with the 2620.


Echo guarantees the entire trimmer for two years of commercial use, and 5 years of consumer use.

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