Troubleshooting your ECHO String Trimmer Step by Step

String trimmers are handy devices for cleaning up grass and weeds along fences, houses, and trees in your yard. They use a thin line that whips around quickly to cut down grass that your mower can’t reach on its own. While many people have used trimmers to clean their yard up, few people take the time to properly maintain and repair their trimmers when trouble strikes. Here are few hints and tips for troubleshooting your Echo String Trimmer throughout the year.

Regular Maintenance Tasks

If your ECHO String Trimmer seems to have lost power or if it is having trouble starting and running, you should first start by checking your filters and lines for obvious problems. You should be changing fuel filters and air filters on a regular basis anyways to ensure that the engine on your trimmer is not getting blocked by debris while you’re out in the yard. If you have never changed these out before, check your manual to see how to properly replace the air filter and fuel filter, and inspect them for obvious signs of blockage while you’re at it. Double check your fuel to make sure you have plenty in the tank and look around for any signs of leakage. Also, make sure the choke is in the proper position before you try to start the trimmer.

Long Term Maintenance

Filters should be inspected and cleaned or replaced on a regular basis, but some maintenance tasks are only necessary once every season or two. This includes changing your spark plugs and wires. This task normally only requires a socket and ratchet, and shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes to accomplish. You should also take the time to clean your choke and air intake with a rag or brush while you have the engine partially disassembled. Yard equipment frequently gets bogged down by dirt, dust, and clippings flying through the air, so a quick scrub can’t hurt. Carburetors also require adjusting once in a while. With just a screwdriver you should be able to adjust the idle speed of your trimmer’s engine and smooth out its operation. You know your carbs need adjusting if the trimmer will not idle or if it fails to accelerate properly after starting. Check your owners manual for directions on exactly how to adjust your carbs.

Professional Servicing

If you have completed the checklist of regular maintenance tasks that most people can do from home, it may be time to seek professional assistance from a service center. If your ECHO String Trimmer still isn’t working the way it should, stop by Shank’s Lawn in South Central Pennsylvania for more help. Our shop is located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, off of route 11.

Customers outside of South Central Pennsylvania can also take advantage of Shank’s excellent customer service and library of lawn equipment knowledge online. We can ship parts anywhere in the US or Canada from

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