Echo Leaf Blowers

Echo Leaf BlowersWith 15 models to choose from, Echo offers gas-powered leaf blowers for everyone from homeowners who need something light for quick cleanup to landscapers who want as much power as possible from their backpack blower. Here’s how you can narrow down your choices to find the right Echo leaf blower for you.

How do I Choose a Leaf Blower?

Handheld vs. Backpack: While handheld blowers are normally used for small jobs and backpack blowers are good for large jobs, some of Echo’s models cross over in terms of specs. A backpack blower puts the engine and impeller on your back, taking the weight off of your arms, making it more comfortable for longer jobs. A handheld blower is easy to pick up and set down, making it great for small cleanup jobs. In either case, lower weight means more comfortable operation.

Power: The volume of air moved by the blower is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM.) More air means more leaves can be moved with each pass. Speed is measured in miles per hour. The faster the air moves out of the tube, the more force it has. High-velocity blowers are great for moving wet layers of leaves.

Echo offers a couple of handheld models with flared end tubes. By concentrating the air into a small, flat opening, air can be directed across the surface of the ground, making the blower more effective at peeling up layers of compacted leaves.

Throttle Location: This is mostly a point of personal preference. Echo includes cruise control on all of their backpack throttles, so you only need your hand on the throttle when you need to change speed. If you’re used to having a hand free when using a tube-mounted throttle, adjusting to a hip-mounted throttle will be easy because you’ll only need to use the throttle occasionally.

Both throttles are susceptible to damage but in different ways. The cables connecting a tube throttle to the engine can be stretched or broken if they get hooked onto tree limbs and other obstacles during use, while a hip throttle can be broken off during transport if it isn’t folded in first.

Warranty: Even if you get the smallest handheld model, you’re still getting a quality product. All Echo leaf blowers are covered for two years of commercial use or 5 years of residential use.

Handheld Blowers

All of Echo’s handheld blowers are powered by a professional grade 25.4cc two-stroke engine. Here are their specs and major features.

PB-250: 165 mph, 391 CFM, 9.5 lbs.
PB-2520: 170 mph, 453 CFM, 8.6 lbs.
Comes with cruise control and shoulder harness attachment points.
PB-255LN :191 mph, 354 CFM, 10.5 lbs.
Uses a rubber handle grip to isolate vibration and has a flared end pipe.
PB-2620: 172 mph, 456 CFM, 9.7 lbs.
Uses an upgraded engine with better air filtration and a long-lasting chrome-plated cylinder. Comes with a secondary handle and a rubber main grip. Includes both round and flared end tubes.

Backpack Blowers

Models ending in “H” have a hip-mounted throttle, while models ending in “T” have a tube-mounted throttle. All engines are two-stroke.

PB-265LN: 158 mph, 375 CFM 13.3 lbs, 25.4 cc.
The i-30 starting system has a helper spring to help kick over the engine for easy starts.
PB-580H and PB-580T: 215 mph, 510 CFM 22.6 lbs, 58.2 cc
The frame has a four-point vibration reduction system, and the intake draws air around the harness to keep the operator cool.
PB-755SH and PB-755ST: 233 mph, 651 CFM 24.7 lbs, 63.3 cc
These blowers are mounted on an L-shaped frame, making it more comfortable to carry.
PB-760LNH and PB-760LNT: 214 mph, 535 CFM, 24.5 lbs, 63.3 cc
A sound-reducing baffle limits noise to 65db, while dual stage air filtration keeps the engine clean.
PB-770H and PB-770T: 234 mph, 756 CFM, 24.3 lbs, 63.3 cc
A dual stage air filter decreases engine wear.
PB-8010H and PB-8010T: 211 mph , 1,071 CFM, 24.5 lbs, 79.9 cc
These are the most powerful backpack blowers on the market. A carbon fiber frame and fan case saves weight, a wear ring reduces tube wear, and a large top-mounted paper air filter stops dust while letting the engine breath.

When You Need Equipment for Your Home or Business, Go to Shank’s

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has been in the outdoor equipment business for over 40 years, providing customers with the service and support they need for everything from leaf blowers to ZTRs. If you’re looking for a leaf blower or you need help with your Echo equipment, visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion and drive one mile East.

As an authorized Echo dealer, we’re able to ship OEM parts and accessories for their equipment to any location in the U.S. or Canada. To order, visit

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