Echo EA-410 Earth Auger

Echo EA-410 Earth Auger

Do you need an auger that can go anywhere and work with a wide range of bits? Echo’s EA-410 is both an ice auger and an earth auger thanks to compatibility with both 7/8 and 1-inch bits. A powerful two-stroke engine keeps it lightweight, while a unique handle design allows the unit to be used by one or two people. This makes the EA-410 a perfect for digging through ice, snow, and dirt to install fence posts, plant trees or make holes for ice fishing.


The EX-410 is powered by a 42.7cc two-stroke engine built specifically for this model. It has the same Pro-Fire electronic ignition used in their chainsaws, making this motor easy to start while helping it keep a steady idle. This engine runs on fuel at a 50:1 gas/oil ratio or Echo’s own pre-mixed Red Armor fuel. It also has no problem using gasoline containing up to 10% ethanol.

The engine is connected to a gearbox that has a 30.2:1 gear ratio. Mechanical advantage turns the engine’s 1.62 ft-lbs. into 48.97 ft-lbs. of force on the auger, yet the power unit can still spin the bit up to 348 RPM.


The entire power unit weighs just 21.6 lbs. without an auger, making it light enough for use by a single person, but the double loop handle design also has space for a second person to help keep the bit in position. Padding helps quell vibration and reduce shocks when the bit makes contact with rocks and hard patches of ground.


The EA-410’s drive has a 7/8 diameter hole to accept ice auger bits. Echo offers 8 and 10-inch wide ice augers with replaceable blades. Both models have a length of 40 inches.

Echo makes two types of earth augers. 36-inch long bits are available in two, three and four-inch widths. These have a one-inch end and are designed to use an adapter with a built-in spring that keeps the auger from kicking back when striking hard objects. There are also 34-inch long auger bits available in 6, 8 and 10-inch widths. These have a ¾ inch end that connects directly to the auger and have a spring built into the shaft. All earth augers have replaceable blades and points.

For extra reach, any of these bits can be paired with a 12 or 18-inch extension.


Echo guarantees the auger and its engine for 5 years of residential use or two years of commercial use.

Get the Parts and Accessories You Need to Get the Most from Your Echo Equipment

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