Echo CS-2511T – The Lightest Gas Chainsaw on the Market

Echo CS-2511T

The Echo CS-2511T is the lightest gas chainsaw available in North America. That may suggest that it’s cheaply made, but Echo has managed to integrate features normally seen on larger saws while offering professional build quality, making it a great choice for arborists who need to cut while climbing on and through trees. Not a professional? While you may not appreciate its low weight as much, this model’s compact size makes it a great choice for cutting small limbs and maneuvering in tight areas.

How Much Does It Weigh?

Without a bar and chain installed, the CS-2511T weighs 5.2 lbs, which is over a ½ lb. less than its nearest competitor. Every ounce counts when you’re up in the air removing dead branches or shaping a tree, but what really makes this model stand out is its no-compromise approach to reaching that weight.


This chainsaw uses a 25 cc two-stroke engine where competitors’ models use smaller displacement motors to shave weight. This commercial quality engine has proved itself in a wide range of Echo products, and it provides ample power for felling limbs. To make starting easier, the effort needed to turn over the motor has been reduced and setting the choke also engages a fast idle mode to keep the engine running until it’s warm. While in use, a fine grid starter cover keeps the saw cool while blocking small wood chips and fibers from building up around the bar and motor.

Air going to the engine first enters Echo’s G-Force pre-cleaner which uses centrifugal force to remove most of the dust and debris before passing through a two-piece air filter. This provides much cleaner air than the simple foam and paper elements usually seen on two strokes, decreasing engine wear.

The fuel cap and bar oil caps are shaped so they can be twisted off using the starter handle, giving you extra leverage without having to carry a separate tool.

Bar and Chain

This saw is designed to accept a 12 or 14-inch bar. Like the engine, the chain’s size is unusual in this segment: 0.050-inch gauge and 3/8 inch pitch. The saw uses a roller chain catcher instead of a plastic part to shield the operator in case the chain comes apart, while a dual post chain brake helps tame kickback. A side access chain tensioner offers easy adjustment, and it uses a captive bar nut that you won’t lose in the field. The automatic oiling system holds 4.7 ounces and can be adjusted to lay down the right amount of lubrication for your current needs. Since it’s clutch driven, oil is only applied when the chain is moving.


Echo guarantees the CS2511T for 5 years of residential use, one year of commercial use or 90 days of rental use.

Parts and Service

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has been helping amateurs and professionals with their outdoor equipment for over 30 years, giving us the experience to help you find the right chainsaw for your needs, and as a certified Echo dealer, we’re able to provide quality parts and service for your equipment. If you’re looking to buy a CS2511 or you need your Echo equipment worked on, visit us at our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s one mile east of I-81 via Exit 10/Marion.

Need parts or accessories for your Echo chainsaw? Visit us on the web at We ship across the U.S. and Canada.

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