Echo Chainsaws: Which one is right for your needs?

It’s pretty obvious that trees come in a wide variety of heights, trunk sizes, and overall variations. That can make cutting down any given tree a rather challenging task, especially if the best chainsaw for the job simply isn’t available. Echo, one of the leading companies manufacturing chainsaws for a variety of uses, offers a wide variety of chainsaw models that are differentiated primarily based on the power of their included engine and the length of the bar that will be working to cut down the tree.

The large number of chainsaw models is beneficial, as it allows buyers to pick exactly the right one for their unique needs. It can also create quite a bit of confusion, though, as several models exist in each of three product groupings offered by the company.

For Small Jobs, Choose Echo’s Lighter Weight Chainsaw Models

The entry-level chainsaws offered by Echo are perfect for smaller, younger trees that might need to be taken down or trimmed. These chainsaws have relatively small engines, and they’re easily the lightest group of products the company offers. Even so, they’re quite powerful and they’re perfect for younger trees with slimmer trunks and a shorter overall height.

The company’s entry-level chainsaw models start with the compact CS-271T. The chainsaw comes with a 26.9cc, two-stroke engine, and features a 12-inch bar length. This Echo chainsaw is most useful for new trees. It’s also a great model to use for trimming limbs off of older trees that might be threatening power lines or other structures.

Other entry-level chainsaws include the CS-330T, with a 32.6cc engine; the CS-360T with a 36.3cc engine; and the CS-341 with a 33.4cc engine. All three models come with three different bar lengths, starting with a 12″ bar. A second, 14-inch bar is also included. For bigger tasks, a 16-inch bar is included as standard with all three models. The relatively larger engines included with these models can handle small tasks, as well as those tasks that are a bit more demanding.

For Midrange Jobs, More Powerful Chainsaws from Echo

For consumers who are looking to trim larger trees, or cut down trees with medium-sized trunks, Echo has created its CS-400 series of chainsaws that are well positioned to get the job done. These chainsaws come with several bar lengths, starting with an included 16-inch bar. Chainsaws that are sold as part of the 400 series can support bar lengths as large as 20 inches, as long as customers buy the CS-450 or CS-450P models.

Engines in this category are quite a bit more powerful than those found in entry-level chainsaws made by the company. The two-stroke engine can be found in all three, but its power is increased considerably. The CS-400 comes with a 40.2cc engine that makes it a great transitional chainsaw for those used to smaller models. The CS-450 and CS-450P both feature a 45.0cc engine that provides an extra push of power in especially tough scenarios.

Big Jobs Demand a Big Chainsaw

For really big tree trunks and trimming jobs, Echo sells three lines of chainsaws that come with powerful engines and large bar sizes. The CS-500 comes with a 50.2cc engine. It supports bar lengths up to 20 inches, and can generally be considered the transitional chainsaw for those used to mid-range models. The CS-550 features the same engine, with slightly more power, and the same bar lengths.

Echo sells two 600 series models, both with engines that output at least 60cc of power. Both models in this segment support bar lengths of up to 27 inches, making them an excellent fit for older trees with very large trunks and other segments.

The CS-8000 is the perfect chainsaw for power users and those who are tackling seriously large trees. Its bar length extends to as much as 36 inches, and it comes with an 80.7cc two-stroke engine. This chainsaw is easily more powerful and capable than those offered by Echo’s nearest competitors for similarly large undertakings.

A Wide Variety of Models for Every Need

Echo is, first and foremost, committed to making sure that its customers can tackle any job with ease and complete it safely. That requires a large line of chainsaws in every segment. While some buyers might find this to be a bit confusing at first, it’s easy to see how such a large product selection can actually make tree trimming and cutting more efficient, more safe, and more accessible.

For those looking into an Echo chainsaw of any size, Shank’s Lawn Equipment offers the full line of models sold by the company. Shank’s also features a commitment to excellent service and product support, along with a full line of OEM parts that are essential for long-term maintenance and durability of any chainsaw. Shank’s Lawn Equipment also sells safety equipment and other accessories for the operation of your Echo Chainsaw.

If you are in South Central Pennsylvania or West Maryland area, stop by Shanks Lawn Equipment and speak with one of our Echo Experts, who will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about Echo Chainsaws or any other outdoor power equipment.


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