ECHO Bear Cat WV190S Wheeled Vacuum, Self-Propelled

Echo Bear Cat WV190S Wheeled Vacuum, Self-Propelled

No one enjoys bagging leaves and debris, especially on hills. ECHO Bear Cat’s WV190S is built to make things easier, combining a powerful engine, advanced fan design and a self-propelled drive system to quickly pick up and bag debris. Whether you’re taking care of your own lawn or are in the landscaping business, this lawn vacuum can make a dreaded task quick and easy. With it’s small scale¬†power with commercial grade construction, the WV190S is powered by a 190cc engine from Briggs & Stratton’s 875 Professional Series line. It may be small, but it comes with all the durability and features expected from big displacement commercial engines. An overhead valve design, two stage air filtration system and a cast iron cylinder liner ensures peak power over many hours of operation while consuming less fuel than older flathead designs. The output is rated at 8.75 lb-ft. of torque, 1.75 more than Bear Cat’s other self-propelled vacuum, the WV160S.

It’s also easy to start thanks to Briggs & Stratton’s ReadyStart system. There’s no choke or priming bulb to mess with: just give the starter cord a pull, and it will fire up. In fact, the company guarantees the engine will start on the first or second pull for the engine’s first two years of operation. A new muffler design keeps noise to a minimum while also taking wear and tear off of the operator, not just the engine.

Clever Design for Easy, Efficient Collection

Debris enters the vacuum through a nozzle that can be set to one of 5 height positions ranging from 0.25 inches to 4.5 inches for collecting debris from any type of turf. Get a little too close? The wear plate takes most of the abuse, and it’s easy to replace.

The WV190S uses an efficient 5 bladed radial fan to get the most out of the motor’s power, pulling the debris into a 6 bushel dump bag mounted to the handlebar. It’s designed for quick release, so it can be emptied and reattached with minimum hassle.

Throttle and speed controls are within easy reach, and cushioned grips reduce vibration for low operator fatigue. The self-propelled drive system has three speeds to match a variety of conditions while allowing the engine to run at full speed. With large wheels mounted on ball bearing hubs, it’s easy to roll when the drive isn’t engaged.

Guaranteed for Every Type of Owner

The WV190S is built tough enough for commercial use, but its warranty is designed to fit any type of use. That means three years of protection for home users, a full year for commercial users and six months when offered for rental.

Add-Ons for Tight Spaces

By itself, the WV190S is excellent at handling wide-open spaces. Need to get into tight quarters? It can be set up for that, too. The vacuum comes ready to accept the hose kit, redirecting suction power to a four foot hose for picking up leaves around landscape features. Turning can also be made tighter by adding a caster kit, allowing the unit to rotate in place without affecting the drive system.

Where to buy ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Vacuum Parts and Accessories

No matter what you need for your ECHO Bear Cat, Shank’s Lawn Equipment can help. They’re an OEM dealer for Briggs and Stratton and a Signature Elite dealer for ECHO Bear Cat, letting them cover all of your needs for the WV190S. Stop by their website at, or visit their shop in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, just off Route 11. No matter where you are in the U.S. and Canada, they can ship whatever you need.

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