ECHO Bear Cat WV190 Wheeled Vacuum

ECHO Bear Cat WV190

Have to deal with turf covered in leaves, grass, and other debris? Why rake and then bag when you could do both at the same time? ECHO Bear Cat’s WV190 is built for maximum power to lift material off of flat terrain, depositing it into an easy-to-dump bag. Whether you’re a homeowner or a landscaper, this lawn vacuum can cut considerable time off of your lawn chores.

Commercial Grade Power in a Small Package

The WV190 is powered by a 190cc Briggs & Stratton 875 Professional Series engine. Despite its small displacement, this motor has all the features you’d expect from commercial equipment. A modern overhead valve design means a gross output of 8.75 lb-ft. of torque with better fuel efficiency than L-head motors, and, thanks to Briggs & Stratton’s ReadyStart system, recoil starting is almost as easy as using an electric starter. In fact, they guarantee the motor will always fire up on the first or second pull during the first two years of service, and there’s no choke or priming bulb that needs to be used before pulling the cord. A two stage air filter keeps debris and dust from entering the engine¬†while a new muffler design keeps noise at a minimum for greater operator comfort.

Collecting Debris With Ease and Efficiency

The engine spins a 5 blade radial fan, a design that has superior efficiency over competing designs for more air movement per horsepower. Debris is loaded into a six-bushel dump bag designed for quick dumping, cutting down overall operation time. This bag is mounted to a wide handlebar with cushioned grips that keeps vibration and shocks from reaching the operator, reducing fatigue.

The nozzle can be set to one of 5 height positions from a quarter inch to 4.5 inches, letting it collect debris without scraping against the turf. Even if there is some contact, the brunt of the abrasions is focused on an easy-to-replace wear plate. A set of 12 x 2.5-inch rubber tires mounted on ball bearing hubs together with a total weight of just 113 lbs. makes this vacuum easy to roll over most any terrain.

Protection for Everyone

Like all of Bear Cat’s products, the WV190 is built for commercial use¬†but is warrantied with all owners in mind. That means residential users are protected for three years, commercial users for one year, and rental companies for three months against equipment defects.

Getting the Most from Your Vacuum With Accessories

Dealing with tight spaces? The WV190 is built to use a vacuum hose kit, adding a four-foot hose to the front of the nozzle for picking up debris between bushes and along fences and walls. The unit itself can be made more maneuverable by adding a caster kit, which replaces the standard wheels for turning in place.

Where to buy ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Vacuum Parts and Accessories

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is online, ready to serve you. Stop by their website at They’re an ECHO Bear Cat Signature Elite dealer, which means they’re among the best trained in the nation, and they’re also a certified dealer for Briggs & Stratton engines, so they can help you with anything you need for your Bear Cat wheeled vacuum. Live in Central Pennsylvania? Stop by their shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, just off Route 11. That’s right: they’re not just an online retailer, they’re a shop that works on and sells this equipment, so they have the hands-on experience to help you get the most from your Bear Cat.

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