ECHO Bear Cat WV160S Wheeled Vacuum, Self-Propelled

Echo Bear Cat WV160S Wheeled Vacuum, Self-Propelled

Raking and bagging leaves and grass can be a pain, especially on hills. That’s why ECHO Bear Cat makes the WV160S. This wheeled vacuum uses a lightweight, powerful engine to power an advanced fan and a self-propelled drive system to turn leaf and grass pickup from an arduous task into an easy one.

The Reliability of a Honda

The WV160S is powered by a 160cc Honda GCV engine, one of the most advanced designs in the industry today. It uses a unique overhead camshaft design that uses an in-block timing belt lubricated by a crankshaft-driven impeller. This closed, clean environment maintains the belt for the lifetime of the engine. The belt drives a noise-reducing resin camshaft that is offset from the cylinder head rather than being directly overhead. This position reduces the engine’s overall length. An automatic decompression system makes it easy to start while a crossflow head design makes it run smoothly and efficiently – so much so that it meets EPA and CARB regulations without requiring a catalyst. Put all these features together, and you have an engine that weighs just 22 lbs. yet produces 4.4 HP and 6.9 lb-ft. of torque.

Turning Horsepower Into Suction Power

The engine in the WV160S spins a 5 blade centrifugal fan instead of an axial fan found in most vacuums. This design is more efficient, making the most out of the GCV’s output. Debris enters through a wide nozzle that can be adjusted to a height of 4.5 inches down to 0.25 inches so that it can pick up objects without damaging the grass. Of course, some scraping is inevitable, which is why the nozzle is surrounded by an easy-to-replace wear plate.

The operator controls the vacuum from a long handlebar that puts all of the controls within easy reach and has padded grips to quell vibrations. This bar is used to mount a 6-bushel dump bag with a quick release for faster unloading.

The Power to Go Anywhere

The WV160S has a built-in drive system with three speeds, letting the operator match the vacuum speed to the terrain without having to adjust the throttle. Even when the drive system isn’t engaged, it’s easy to move thanks to large, rubber-lined tires mounted on ball bearing hubs.

Getting Up Close and Personal

The WV160S is great for covering a lot of ground, but what about landscape features and buildings? It can be set up to deal with those, too. ECHO Bear Cat offers a caster kit that replaces the front wheels, making it easy to maneuver around obstacles. Need to clear debris around plants and fences? The hose kit redirects the vacuum’s suction power through a four-foot hose for debris removal in the tightest spaces.

Where to buy ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Vacuum Parts and Accessories

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a certified dealer for Honda engines and a Signature Elite dealer for ECHO Bear Cat, giving them the expertise to help you with anything you need for your WV160S. Live in South Central Pennsylvania? Visit their shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, just off Route 11. Live elsewhere in the U.S. or Canada? Visit their website at

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