ECHO Bear Cat WV160 Wheeled Vacuum

Echo Bear Cat WV160 Wheeled Vacuum

Looking to buy a wheeled vacuum that’s easy to move? The WV160 has the commercial quality construction one expects from ECHO Bear Cat, but thanks to some clever engineering and an advanced engine, this wheeled vacuum can be pushed with ease, making debris collection quick and easy.

Honda Power in the Lightest Package Possible

Tightening emissions standards and customer demands for lower fuel consumption have forced small engine manufacturers to thoroughly rethink their offerings in the past few years, but there are few designs that go as far as the Honda GCV. Overhead cam engines are a rarity in this segment, but Honda took the design further with the industry’s first internal timing belt. Since it’s fully lubricated and protected from outside debris, this belt will last the lifetime of the engine, providing the durability of a chain without the noise and weight. It also means the block can be cast as a single piece, further decreasing engine weight and improving durability.

The advances don’t stop there. That belt drives an offset resin camshaft, reducing noise while cutting down on the engine’s external dimensions. A crossflow head design helps it run clean enough to meet EPA and CARB regulations without requiring an exhaust catalyst, and a separate crankshaft-driven impeller ensures superior lubrication. With all these features, this engine retains Honda’s legendary reliability and ease of use while producing 4.4 HP and 6.9 lb-ft. of torque in a package that weighs just 22 lbs. That brings the total weight of the WV160 to 108 lbs. With its big, ball bearing-mounted, rubber-lined wheels, this vacuum is exceptionally easy to move.

Clever Design for Faster Removal

The operator controls the vacuum from a long, padded handlebar that puts all of the levers within easy reach while keeping vibration to a minimum. The engine turns a 5 blade “squirrel cage” centrifugal fan, giving it superior performance compared to axial fans commonly used in wheeled vacuums. This pulls debris through a wide nozzle that can be adjusted to one of five positions as high as 4.5 inches and as low as a quarter inch, letting it clean up turf no matter how tall or short the grass is. Even when it does scrape, the damage is taken by a wear plate built to be inexpensive and easy to replace.

Debris is collected in a 6-bushel bag with a built-in quick release, letting the operator empty the bag and remount it with as little fuss as possible.

Pick Up Leaves Wherever They End Up

The WV160 is built for cleaning up large areas, but with the right accessories, it can also handle tight spaces around landscaping and buildings. The vacuum itself can be made easier to turn with a caster kit that replaces the front wheels while the hose kit redirects suction power through a four-foot hose for getting into tight spaces around plants and walls.

Where to buy Echo Bear Cat Wheeled Vacuum Parts and Accessories

Everything you need for your WV160 is just a few clicks away at
Shank’s Lawn Equipment isn’t just an online retailer, they’re a real lawn care shop located in South Central Pennsylvania. They’re a Signature Elite Echo Bear Cat dealer and a certified Honda Engines dealer, so they stock every part and accessory you will ever need for your wheeled vacuum. Live near Chambersburg? Stop by their shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway just off Route 11. To get there, take Exit 10 to Marion from I-81.

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