ECHO Bear Cat Water Pumps

ECHO Bear Cat Water Pumps

If you need a lightweight solution for construction dewatering or firefighting, Echo Bear Cat has the pumps you need. Built for portability, these Honda-powered pumps are protected by steel frames, making them easy to transport and deploy. From draining stormwater to putting out small fires, there’s a model that’s perfect for your application.


Echo uses Honda GX-series engines in their pumps. A high-efficiency design, automatic decompression system, and low noise make them a great choice for a range of applications. When it comes to pumps, the best feature is Oil Alert. Unlike most equipment, pumps see hours of continuous use, and it’s easy to forget to check the oil level, especially when you need to stop flooding. This makes the engine susceptible to oil burn off that can leave internal components unprotected. The Oil Alert system prevents this problem by cutting off the ignition when the oil level is too low. This protects the engine and lets you remedy the situation immediately instead of having the pump break in the middle of a job.


All pumps except the fire cart use an aluminum centrifugal pump with a cast iron impeller. This combination creates a total head of 85 feet with a suction head of 26 feet. This includes both water pumps and trash pumps.

These pumps use inlets and outlets that have MNTP standard threads, making them compatible with off-the-shelf hoses and ends. Hoses are included with the fire cart, while Echo lets buyers choose the right hose combination to fit their needs when buying their other pumps. The pump and engine are housed in a metal frame, protecting them during transport and use.

Water Pumps

Powered by a GX200, this model has two-inch intake and outlet connections. It can pump up to 158 Gallons Per Minute (GPM.) It weighs 55 lbs.

Although it uses the same engine and head as the WP2158, a larger pump and three-inch ports increase maximum pump volume to 264 GPM. Weight increases to 67 lbs.

A GX390 paired with four-inch ports lets this model pump 422 GPM. It weighs 112 lbs.

Trash Pumps

Not sure what you’re pumping? Trash pumps are designed to lift small solid objects as well as water without damaging the pump’s case or impeller.

TP2156 and TP2158
These models both have a two-inch intake and outlet ports, they’re both powered by the GX200, and they can both handle solids up to 5/8 inch in diameter. The TP2156 has a flow rate of 156 GPM, while the TP2158 has a slight edge at 158 GPM. The TP2158 also has a split case that’s easy to open for cleaning. Both models weigh 90 lbs.

TP3264 and TP3266
With three inch inlets and outlets, these pumps can handle solids up to one inch in diameter. The TP3264 is powered by a GX200 and can pump up to 264 GPM. The TP3266 uses a GX270 and can pump up to 266 GPM.

Need more power? This model pairs a GX390 with a pump that uses 4-inch ports to move water at a rate of 361 GPM. Like the three inch models, it can handle solids up to one inch.

FP2126 Fire Cart
This model puts the engine and pump into a cart with large 5 spoke wheels, making it easy to move over uneven terrain. Weight is saved by using a pump with an aluminum impeller and housing, but the volute case is still cast iron. This model comes with a 50 foot by 1.5-inch fire hose, a fire nozzle and a 12 foot by 2-inch suction hose with a foot valve. These hoses can be wrapped onto the frame for transport.

A GX200 operates the pump, producing a flow of 126 GPM at up to 85 PSI. It uses two-inch intake and outlet connections. To get a better reach than standard models, this pump is designed to provide a total lift of 197 feet with
26 feet of suction lift. A priming jug is included for quick startup.


Echo Bear Cat guarantees these pumps for three years of commercial use, and Honda offers a similar three-year warranty on their GX-series engines.

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