Echo Bear Cat SG340 Stump Grinder

Echo Bear Cat SG340 Stump Grinder

Most stump grinders are big machines that are built into trailers or attach to large tractors. While that’s fine for heavy work, they have a hard time reaching smaller stumps near buildings and in residential lawns. To reach these places, Echo Bear Cat makes the SG340. Thanks to a design that resembles a trimmer mower, it can get into these hard-to-reach places while still delivering plenty of cutting power.


The stump grinder is powered by a 340cc Honda GXV engine. If you’re a professional landscaper or have an equipment rental business, this engine should be familiar as the GX series is by far the most popular small equipment engine on the market thanks to its reputation for unfailing quality. Its compact overhead valve designed isn’t just durable, it’s also built for low vibration and noise, making it a great choice for all day use. An automatic decompression system makes the engine easy to turn over, while Oil Alert shuts off the engine automatically if there isn’t enough lubrication to protect internal components. This engine is CARB certified, making the SG 340 legal to use in all 50 states.

The engine connects to the head’s 1.5-inch steel shaft using a double banded belt drive. This handles power transfer while absorbing shocks that could damage the crankshaft.

The 7-inch diameter cutting head has 12 hardened carbide steel cutting teeth. For of these blades are straight for making a pilot cut, while the other 8 are curved to dig into the stump. The head can reach a speed of 3,600 RPM.

Despite all this power, the SG340 is just 23 inches wide. This lets it get next to buildings and sidewalks where stand-alone and trailer-based grinders can’t reach.


The SG340 has a wheel brake built into the rear left wheel. When engaged, it keeps the machine in place while still letting the operator pivoting the cutting head across the stump, trimming it down layer by layer. The handle has two bails: squeezing the top bail engages the brake, while the bottom bail engages the head.

On the left side of the cutting head, a steel shield deflects wood shavings, while the right side has a guard with a screen-covered opening that gives the operator a clear view of the head.

The wheels ride on sealed bearings and are fitted with foam-filled pneumatic tires, virtually eliminating maintenance while making this grinder easy to roll around.


Echo Bear Cat guarantees the SG 340 for three years of consumer use, one year of commercial use and 6 months of rental use. Honda guarantees the engine for three years of commercial use.

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