ECHO Bear Cat DL8 Debris Loader

Echo Bear Cat DL8 debris loaderNeed a debris loader, but don’t want to permanently mount it? The Echo Bear Cat DL8 is small enough to be carried, but still powerful enough to endure the demands of commercial users.

Industrial Quality Power and Consumer Usability from Subaru

The DL8 is powered by a Subaru Robin EX40 engine. Subaru’s EX series were the first industrial air cooled engines to come to market with an overhead cam design, decreasing drivetrain complexity, allowing better valve positions and improving head cooling. That means superior reliability, better fuel economy, less noise, lower emissions and more power: in this case, 14 horsepower from just 404cc. The lower friction design and built-in compression release also makes starting easier, requiring 30-40% less force than competitors’ overhead valve engine. Maintenance is light, too, with oil changes and air filter cleaning only needed every 100 hours of operation, and major service after 500 hours. The timing chain is built to last the lifetime of the engine, and a sensor can automatically shut off the motor if the oil level gets too low, protecting internal components.

Getting the Most Power from the Engine

Like all of Bear Cat’s loaders, the DL8 uses an impeller fan with serrated edges that provide improved airflow over a flat design. This unit’s 16-inch fan produces a maximum of 2,300 CFM from the intake and 3,500 CFM through the outlet. Replaceable liners inside the impeller chamber take the brunt of the wear and tear, keeping more expensive components intact for lower operating costs throughout the loader’s life.

Goes Where You Need It

At 300 lbs, the DL8 is no lightweight, but it doesn’t require a forklift or a hoist to be moved into place. Low-mounted handles on both sides of the engine and impeller make it easy for two or four people to pick up and position the loader wherever it’s needed. If you have a permanent spot for this loader, there are holes built into the base for easy mounting.

Easy to Use From End to End

Debris enters the loader via a 12-foot hose that hangs from a rotating boom. The intake has a pair of aluminum handles, keeping overall weight down and allowing multiple hand positions to reduce operator fatigue. The intake is just 8 inches wide, letting the hose get into the tightest spaces. The discharge chute has 360 degrees of motion so debris can be aimed precisely at the trailer or truck bed.

Guaranteed for Everyone

The DL8 debris loader may be commercial quality, but it also comes with a warranty that matches its use. Commercial use is covered for a year and rental use for three months, but if you’re just using it around your home, you’ll be covered for three years. Subaru guarantees the engine for 5 years for all owners.


Have a high bed? Extend the reach of the loader by adding a 16-inch vertical extension. Need more precise loading? Add a deflector to the end of the outlet to aim the debris where you need it.

Where to buy Debris Loader Parts and Accessories

Shank’s Lawn Equipment isn’t just a Bear Cat dealer, they’re Signature Elite certified, making them one of the best dealers in the country with a wide range of parts kept in stock and a staff trained by the company to ensure you’ll always be able to get exactly what you need for your equipment. What about the engine? They’re also a certified Subaru Industrial Power products dealer, so they can help you with anything on your DL8.

Visit and they can ship what you need to any address in the U.S. and Canada. If you live in central Pennsylvania, pay them a visit at their shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg. That’s just off route 11, or Exit 10 Marion from I-81.

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