ECHO Bear Cat DL12653 Debris Loader

ECHO Bear Cat Debris Loader 2

A piece of equipment is only useful when it’s working, which is why there’s the Echo Bear Cat DL12653. A high-quality industrial engine, heavy duty construction and thoughtful engineering deliver loads of power and less downtime without breaking the bank.

There’s “Commercial” and then there’s the EH Series

This loader is powered by Subaru’s EH65, a 653cc OHV V-Twin. It only produces 22 horsepower, but it more than makes up for it with torque. At any normal operating RPM, this motor is producing full power, which allows slower running speeds and lower fuel consumption. Combined with a heavy duty ball bearing PTO support, it can also withstand shocks during operation without stalling.

Everything on this motor is designed for durability. The oiling system has more in common with a car than a small engine: it’s fully pressurized and has a trochoid pump, oil cooler, full flow spin-on filter, and more capacity than any equivalent engine on the market. A two stage air filtration system, three piece oil rings, separate valve stem seals and a revised breather system also reduce wear while also cutting emissions and fuel usage. Better still, all that wear protection means owners can expect to have more than 99% of the stated power output to still be there after 300 hours of use.

It has a 12-volt electric system with a full-size battery, so there’s always plenty of juice for the starter as well as an optional lighting system. Need to work all day? A 9-gallon fuel tank means fewer stops at the pump.

Getting the Most from the Engine

The motor directly drives a 20-inch fan that has four serrated-edge blades. This design increases air flow efficiency to get the most work out of the engine. In this case, it means a maximum intake speed of 3,400 CFM and exit speeds as high as 5,100 CFM.

The operator picks up debris with a 12 foot long, 12-inch wide hose mounted to a rotating boom. Long aluminum handles with multiple handle positions means more comfortable operation.

Put it In Place, or Take it With You

How do you move a 600 lb. loader? It attached to a skid mount base, so it can be maneuvered into place with a forklift and then bolted down using pre-drilled holes. Want something more flexible? Echo Bear Cat offers a trailer built for the DL12653, allowing it to be towed with a standard ball hitch. Vertical and horizontal extensions can be added to get just the right length to reach into your trailer or truck bed.

Guaranteed to Last

Subaru guarantees the engine for 5 years, no matter how it’s used. The rest of the DL12653 is guaranteed by Echo Bear Cat for one year for commercial users, six months for rental companies, and three years for residential users.

Where to Buy Echo Bear Cat Debris Loader Parts and accessories

Shank’s Lawn Equipment can help you with anything you may need for your Echo Bear Cat DL12653. They’re a certified dealer for both Bear Cat and Subaru Industrial Power products, and their shop has served locals for over 30 years, giving them the expertise to get you the parts you need. No matter where you are in the U.S. or Canada, they can ship to you. Just visit Live in South Central Pennsylvania? Stop by their shop in Chambersburg at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway. You can get there from I-81 by taking Exit 10 to Marion.

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