ECHO Bear Cat Debris Loader Series Overview

Bear Cat Debris Loader

When it comes to moving debris, the hardest part is usually getting it from the ground to a truck or trailer. That’s why Echo Bear Cat makes a line of debris loaders that make it easy to get leaves and other yard waste ready to haul. With a wide range of engines, intakes, and mounting options, they have something to fit your needs, whether you’re working around the home or cleaning up a massive landscaping project.

The Features that Make Them Bear Cats

Every Bear Cat loader uses a 360-degree rotating discharge chute so that debris will go exactly where you want no matter how the loader is positioned. The impeller housing uses replaceable liners that take the brunt of wear and tear during operation while the steel impeller fan has serrated blades to provide more airflow with less power.  Debris is drawn into the loader using a 12-foot hose. It has an aluminum handle to keep weight down, resulting in less operator fatigue.  All these debris loaders are commercial quality with warranties suited to a wide range of buyers. Coverage lasts three years for residential use, one year for commercial use, and three months for rental use.

The Models

DL8: At 300 lbs, this is the lightest loader in Bear Cat’s lineup. High mounted handles make it easy to move, letting you use it wherever you want.  Powered by a recoil start 404cc Subaru EX engine, this loader can move as much as 3,500 CFM thanks to Bear Cat’s unique fan design. It uses an 8-inch intake for getting into tight spaces.

DL10: Like the idea of a portable loader, but need more power? The DL10 uses a 570cc Briggs and Stratton Vanguard V-Twin engine with electric start to pull debris through a 10-inch hose. Output volumes can reach 3,900 CFM.

DL10570: Need something primarily for truck loading? This model has all the features of the DL10, but it uses a receiver bar to attach to your truck’s tow hitch.

DL12720: This loader is powered by a commercial grade Subaru 720cc V-twin that drives the impeller with a belt drive for easier starting in cold weather and lower engine speeds during operation. An electric starter, a cam profile designed for a wide powerband and a low fuel consumption design make this engine easy to live with for commercial operators. It drives a 20-inch fan capable of up to 5,100 CFM. The loader uses a skid mount base so that it can be bolted to a trailer, truck bed or another platform.

DL12653: This loader has all the features of the DL12720, but uses a smaller 653cc Subaru V-Twin. It directly drives the impeller, providing the same 5,100 CFM, albeit at higher engine speeds.


Need more reach for your loader’s outlet? A 16-inch vertical extension works with all models, giving the outlet more height. For greater horizontal distance, a flexible horizontal extension is available for the DL12720 and DL12653, while DL8, DL10, and DL10570 owners can add a deflector to help aim debris.

Need a loader on a trailer? Echo offers a trailer designed to allow the DL12720 and DL12653 to attach using their skid loader bases. These models also work with Bear Cat’s lighting kit for better visibility when loading.

Where to buy Echo Bear Cat Debris Loaders

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a Signature Elite certified dealer for all Echo Bear Cat equipment. That means they have company-trained staff and a wide range of in-stock parts to ensure the best service possible. Shank’s is also a certified dealer for Subaru Industrial Power products and Briggs & Stratton engines, giving them the expertise to cover everything on your loader.

No matter where you are in the U.S. or Canada, Shank’s Lawn Equipment can ship whatever you need to keep your Bear Cat running. Just visit their website, Live in South Central Pennsylvania and looking to buy a loader or need one serviced? Stop by their shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, just off route 11. To get there from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion.

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