Easy Fall Garden Cleanup with BCS Tillers

BCS TillerMost homeowners are familiar with the typical tiller. This small piece of equipment features sharp tines that dig through the soil and turn it over, creating a fertile area for crops to be planted in a small garden somewhere outside the home. Though the common tiller is rather compact and features a small engine, there are upgraded models like those from BCS that offer greater horsepower, a larger size, and the ability to more quickly and efficiently cut through the soil to create a fertile growth area.
For those homeowners who need more power, greater size, and the ability to cultivate a larger garden outside the home, BCS’ unique lineup of tillers will certainly get the job done. Their familiar layout, combined with better performance, is a perfect match for more demanding gardeners.

How Are the Tillers Made by BCS Different from Those of Other Manufacturers?

A quick glance at the tillers from BCS will showcase virtually all of their main differences: These tillers are almost like handheld tractors, with a significantly larger footprint that’s designed to handle larger outdoor areas in a shorter amount of time. These models are targeted to homeowners who intend to create more than a small garden, and instead are looking to create a medium-sized growing area for several different types of crops. To better suit the needs of these advanced homeowners who require more from their tiller, the company separates its tillers into three distinct models:

– Harvester Model 710

This entry-level model is only “entry-level” in relation to models 718 and 722. Indeed, this is a very large tiller that comes with tractor-sized wheels and a commercial-grade Subaru small engine. The Harvester 710 also features two forward speeds and a single reverse speed, with the ability to adjust those speeds on the fly as ground conditions change. The 710 comes with simplified handlebars, which offer greater ergonomics at the cost of vibration reduction features. These simplified handlebars allow for easier adjustment to the equipment both prior to use and while it’s engaged, and this makes it easier to use for the typical homeowner who doesn’t have commercial tilling experience.

– Harvester Model 718

The 718 model improves on the 5.7-horsepower operation of Model 710, largely by adding a Honda GX2000 engine to the mix in place of the Subaru small engine in the Harvester 710. Two transport speeds are found in both forward and reverse operation modes, and the
718 comes with a transport mode that allows for quick movement of the equipment without the tines engaged. The same, simplified handlebars are found on this model as on the Harvester 710. While this model is great for handling smaller tilling tasks and medium-sized garden plots, BCS notes specifically that the 718 might not be the best tiller model for larger needs around the home. That requires the company’s upgraded model.

– Harvester Model 722

The 722 is BCS’ most powerful and upgraded home tiller, with a bigger footprint and the upgraded engine to match. A Honda GX420 is used in conjunction with this tiller, which provides an expansive, 26-inch tilling swath that is virtually unmatched by any other BCS model or those sold by competitors. The equipment packs two forward speeds, two reverse speeds, and a single transport speed, for effortless work on tougher parcels of land. The Harvester 722 is better suited to large-area tilling, though BCS still recommends an upgrade to its commercial tractor tiller models for those homeowners taking on very large plots of land.

What Kinds of Attachments are Available?

Perhaps the most exciting attachment for the BCS tractors is the mower attachment, which allows this piece of equipment to transform from one focused on cultivation to one focused on lawn maintenance. This dual-mode style of operation represents a significant value by combining two essential pieces of equipment into one. BCS sells a few unique riding mower attachments as well, which allow operators to sit down and get the job done rather than stand up and walk behind the converted mower throughout the duration of what is most likely a very long mowing job.

How Can I Use BCS Tilling Equipment to Clean Up My Garden?

Tilling helps to keep soil fresh and fertile. Regular use of the BCS Harvester can make it easier to successfully plant seeds and guide them toward bountiful crops over the course of the spring, summer, and fall, and the use of the included mower attachment makes it easier to keep areas around the garden looking their best during the growing season. Use of the BCS Harvester can also eliminate weeds from the garden early in the season and create a growing area that’s safe from pests, a lack of nutrients, or other problems that can take away from the success of seasonal planting.

ShanksLawn.com Carries BCS Tillers, Attachments, and Parts

Whether it’s the Shank’s Lawn Equipment location in south-central Pennsylvania or the company’s ShanksLawn.com website, those gardeners who are drawn to the Harvester tiller series can find what they need. Shank’s Lawn Equipment carries the full range of Harvester tillers, while the website offers an array of BCS attachments, and OEM parts that assist greatly with both lawn and equipment maintenance.

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