Dixon Lawn Tractors

Announcement (February 2023)

Dixon equipment and parts are no longer available from Shank’s Lawn Equipment.

In 2014, Husqvarna Group, Dixon’s parent company, announced that they would no longer be distributing Dixon products. Since then, the availability of Dixon replacement parts has steadily diminished.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment, a long-time Dixon dealer and a leading source for Dixon parts, will no longer be selling parts for Dixon.

Dixon Lawn Tractors

You read that right: Dixon, the company that invented the zero turning radius mower, also manufactures lawn tractors. While they might not have the sharp handling of their most famous models, these mowers still benefit from the development the company has put into their decks and frames to deliver a solid option for those looking for an affordable quality lawn tractor.

Drive System

Motivation is provided by a Tuff Torque hydrostatic transmission that has a top speed of 5.2 mph going forward and 2.9 mph in reverse. Cruise control comes standard, letting you keep a consistent speed for an even finish. Instead of using a gearshift and single throttle pedal, speed control is split between forward and reverse foot pedals.

A high-backed seat paired with an angled steering wheel makes these lawn tractors more comfortable than competing models, while a step-through design with a low profile center molding makes it easy to get on and off.


These mowers come with stamped decks that can be used at heights ranging from 1.5-4 inches. These decks have tall, high vacuum chambers and high lift blades from the factory. A plug can be added for mulching or a collection system for bagging clippings.



This model is designed for buyers who want a basic mower with good build quality. Power comes from a 20 hp Kohler Courage V-Twin. Designed with residential users in mind, everything from the low resonance intake to the variable fin cooling fan helps minimize noise. The front end of the KH42 is lower than Dixon’s other tractors, giving the operator a better front end view to avoid debris. The 42-inch deck has 6 height settings and it connects to the engine via a manual PTO. The 1.5-gallon fuel tank is plenty for small lawns.


Fitted with a 48-inch deck, this mower uses a 26 hp version of the Courage V-Twin and has a 3-gallon fuel tank. It has the same deck adjustment system as the KH42, but it uses an electric PTO that can be turned on and off with a switch. A front bumper bar comes standard.


At first glance, it may seem that this model is just a KH48 with a 54-inch deck, but almost everything on this mower is upgraded. This starts with a 24 hp Kawasaki FR-Series engine. Although marketed as a consumer model, it’s based on the engine block used in their commercial engines. Several features carry over including cast iron cylinder liners and a rotating grass chopper screen that helps deflect debris away from the air cooling system.

A nose roller and anti-scalp wheels keep the 54-inch deck from cutting into the soil when making turns or driving over uneven turf, and the electric deck height control is infinitely adjustable. Like the KH48, it uses an electric PTO clutch. A 4-gallon fuel tank keeps this engine running when covering large lawns, and a standard brushguard protects the front end.


Dixon guarantees their lawn tractors for two years of residential use. Kohler guarantees the Courage for two years of residential use or 90 days of commercial or rental use, while Kawasaki guarantees the FR for three years of residential or commercial use.

When You Think “Dixon,” Think “Shank’s”

Whether you’re looking to buy a Dixon mower or have one that needs to be serviced, visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We’re a certified dealer for Dixon as well as Tuff Torq, Kohler Power and Kawasaki Engines USA, so we can help you with everything on your mower. We’re located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here from Interstate 81, take Exit 10 to Marion and drive East one mile. To learn more about us, visit www.shankslawn.com.

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