Dixon DX200 Series – DX254, DX260, DX272

Announcement (February 2023)

Dixon equipment and parts are no longer available from Shank’s Lawn Equipment.

In 2014, Husqvarna Group, Dixon’s parent company, announced that they would no longer be distributing Dixon products. Since then, the availability of Dixon replacement parts has steadily diminished.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment, a long-time Dixon dealer and a leading source for Dixon parts, will no longer be selling parts for Dixon.

Dixon DX200 Series

When you need a quality commercial ZTR, why not go with the company that invented them? Dixon’s DX200 line of mowers have over 40 years of development behind them to ensure they meet the needs of professional landscapers.


The DX200 uses a Kawasaki FX Series engine. These motors have become the standard for high-end commercial mowers thanks to thoughtful engineering that makes them reliable and easy to care for. A large, multi-stage air filter keeps the inside of the motor clean, a built-in cleaning ports make it easy to keep dirt from building up on the cooling fins and an oil cooler helps control temperatures. Add in an advanced head design, and you get a motor that is both extremely reliable and fuel efficient.

The engine sends power to the wheels through a set of Hydro-Gear ZT 5400 transmissions fitted with 16 cm pumps. This all-in-one transaxle design reduces the number of leak points and uses a paper filter to keep the hydraulic oil clean for a long life. They can propel this mower to a top speed of 12 mph when going forward and up to 6 mph in reverse.


Dixon fits the DX200 with a fabricated deck made from 7 gauge steel all around. It uses a set of three 1/4 inch steel blades are supported by cast iron blade hubs with ball bearings. These are driven by a belt system connected to a 250 ft-lb. PTO clutch. The deck can be set to 17 heights ranging from 1-5 inches using a spring assist foot lever, letting you change the cut height without having your hands leave the controls.

The deck is set up for side discharge from the factory. Dixon offers a triple bag collection system that holds up to 13 bushels. It’s designed to allow installation and removal in just a few minutes, letting you set up your mower for your needs that day.


All the power in the world doesn’t do any good if a mower is hard to use.

The foot pan and lap bars are over-sized, while the bars are fully adjustable and hydraulically dampened for comfortable operation. This makes the mower comfortable for all sizes of operators. Need to get into areas with low hanging branches? The ROPS can be folded 90 degrees from the operator’s position.

For easy maintenance, the mower is fitted with a removable foot pan to give quick access to the spindles and belts, while the chassis is designed for easy access to electrical, fluid and filter service points. It has dual fuel tanks that hold a total of 11 gallons of gas. Large, tilted filler necks make them easy to refill.


The DX200 is offered with three deck sizes and engines to match.

DX254 – 54-inch deck, 24.5 hp, mows up to 5.2 acres per hour
DX260 – 60-inch deck, 31 hp, mows up to 5.8 acres per hour
DX272 – 72-inch deck, 31 hp, mows up to 7 acres per hour


Dixon provides a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, spindle housings and the leading edge of the deck, while the rest of the mower is covered by a three-year warranty. Kawasaki warranties their FX Series engines for three years. There is no operation hour restriction on any of these guarantees.

A Source for Dixon’s DX200 Mowers

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