Discover the Top Features of the Cub Cadet ZT1 42-inch Mower

a yellow Cub Cadet ZT1 42 lawnmower
The popular Cub Cadet ZT1 42.

If you are in search of a reliable and efficient lawn mower that can help you maintain your lawn like a pro, then the Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 42 mower is the perfect choice for you. The Cub Cadet brand has been a trusted name in the lawn mower industry for years, and the ZT1 42 model is one of their excellent products. This zero-turn lawnmower is designed with advanced features that ensure a smooth and easy mowing experience. In this article, we’ll note the features that make it stand out from other mowers in the market.

Top Features of the Cub Cadet ZT1 42 Mower

Cutting Performance: One of the most notable features of this lawnmower is its superior cutting performance. The mower’s 42-inch-wide cutting deck is designed to provide maximum airflow, which ensures a clean and even cut. The deck can be adjusted to one of twelve different cutting heights, giving you complete control over how you want your lawn to look.

Reliable Engine: The ZT1 42 is powered by a 22 HP Kohler® 7000 Series V-Twin OHV engine that delivers plenty of power both to the drive wheels and to the mower blades. This engine ensures that the mower can tackle even tough mowing jobs with ease.

Ergonomic Design: Another feature that sets the Cub Cadet ZT1 42 mower apart is its ergonomic design. The mower comes with a high-back seat that provides excellent lumbar support, making it comfortable to operate for extended periods. Additionally, the mower’s lap bar steering levers can be adjusted both up and down as well as forward and backward. This allows operators of all sizes to use the controls at a position that is most comfortable for them, which helps reduce fatigue. Like other mowers in the Ultima Series, the ZT1 42 is also designed to minimize vibration while mowing. All the mower’s controls are conveniently located within easy reach of the operator. The throttle control and deck engagement controls are located on the right-hand side of the mower, while the deck lift control is located on the left-hand side of the machine. The entire configuration is designed to reduce operator strain, and for maximum safety.

Comparing the ZT1 42 Zero Turn to the XT1 LT42 Lawn Tractor

To get a better idea of a product’s best features, it is often helpful to make comparisons with similar products. Let’s compare the ZT1 42 zero turn with the Cub Cadet XT1 LT 42 lawn tractor. Both are 42-inch mowers, but there are differences.

The most obvious difference here is the mower style: the ZT1 42 is a zero turn with lap bar steering; the LT42 is a lawn tractor. Both have Kohler engines, but the engine on the LT42 is a single cylinder engine with 19.5 horsepower whereas the ZT1 42 has a twin cylinder engine with about 2.5 more horsepower.

Both the zero turn and the lawn tractor have hydrostatic transmissions, which don’t require that you shift gears. However, the zero turn can move a bit faster than the LT42. The ZT1 42 has a top speed of 7 MPH but the LT42’s top speed is around 5.5 MPH.

Finally, there are a number of differences between the cutting decks of these 2 models. The cutting deck on the ZT1 is made of thicker 11 gauge steel instead of the thinner 13 gauge steel used on the LT42. The ZT1 deck can be adjusted to 15 different height positions, but the lawn tractor only has 12 positions and can’t be raised quite as high. Raising the deck on the zero turn can be done easily with a foot pedal. On the LT 42 lawn tractor, you must move a hand lever to operate the deck height. To engage the mower blades, the ZT1 42 has an electric PTO switch, whereas the LT42 has a manual PTO engagement lever.

This brief comparison of the Cub Cadet ZT1 42 zero turn to the XT1 LT42 lawn tractor helps to highlight some of the superior features of the ZT1 42.

The Cub Cadet ZT1 42 Mower is Available for Purchase from Shank’s Lawn Equipment

If you are interested in purchasing the Cub Cadet ZT1 42 mower, look up Shank’s Lawn Equipment. Shank’s Lawn Equipment is an authorized Cub Cadet dealer and offers a wide selection of Cub Cadet products, including the ZT1 42 mower. Their knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect lawnmower to suit your needs and provide you with excellent customer service.

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