Cub Cadet ST59L Cordless String Trimmer

ST59LCub Cadet’s equipment has long been a top choice among residential and commercial customers because of its overall durability and the great amount of power contained under the hood. The ST59L cordless trimmer is actually quite powerful for a handheld model, but brings something new to the mix for today’s homeowners: Emissions-free, reduced-noise operation that allows the trimmer to b far more operator-friendly. The ST59L is powered by lithium-ion battery technology, and brings several key features and benefits to today’s homeowners as a result. It’s easily the future of home landscaping and lawn renovation, and Cub Cadet’s extensive research and design work ensures that this trimmer will stand the test of time as homeowner leave behind noisier gas-powered equipment in favor of battery power.

Cordless Trimmer Features: A Look at the Cub Cadet Model’s Strengths

The ST59L is characterized by its most important feature, which is a major differentiator in the world of handheld, residential power equipment: lithium-ion battery technology. Though it might seem at first like battery technology is only really different in how it powers the trimmer’s engine, the truth is that this technology comes with quite a few additional benefits. In addition to helping consumers bypass the fuel pump, a lithium-ion trimmer also requires no oil, produces very little noise, and transmits far fewer vibrations from the engine to the trimmer handle as operation proceeds. That means the trimmer has fewer long-term expenses, and it means that extended use of the equipment will result in far less operator fatigue when compared to gas-powered trimmers already on the market.

Cub Cadet has thoughtfully designed the D-ring handle paired with this model for even greater operator comfort. The handle is padded with rubber and other vibration-reducing materials, which makes it soft to the touch and quite easy to hold. These materials have the added benefit of absorbing the limited vibrations that still are transmitted from the engine to the handle, and that means an even greater reduction in discomfort when the trimmer is used for a very long period of time. The trimmer features a single-line cutting head design, which is perfect for most smaller residential trimming around the perimeter of a lawn or in areas where a lawn mower simply can’t reach. The thin cutting head makes this trimmer perfect for weeds and moderately tall grasses, which it can handle with ease.

Specifications: The Technical Details Behind the ST59L Trimmer

The key thing to keep in mind is that a cordless trimmer is only as useful as the capacity of its lithium-ion battery. Luckily for ST59L trimmer buyers, the Cub Cadet model is actually quite long lasting. The trimmer can be paired with Cub Cadet’s high-capacity, 20V lithium-ion battery for many hours of use. The battery is even quick to charge, with a maximum recharging time of 4.5 hours if the battery is drained completely. Because the battery is removable, and requires a separate charger to regain a full level of power, consumers are free to purchase multiple batteries, swap them as needed, and charge them in advance so that they’re prepared for more extensive outdoor work.

The 20-volt battery powers a trimmer that comes with a 12-inch cutting swath, which is actually pretty impressive for a handheld, residential model. The cutting line measures 0.80 inches in diameter, and exists at the end of a fully adjustable handle with a D-ring grip. The straight shaft design is relatively standard in portable home trimmers, and uses durable steel materials to ensure that the trimmer can stand up to even the most rigorous tasks around the home. The cutting head can be changed and replaced with another OEM Cub Cadet cutting head as needed, with automatic release that makes this trimmer especially easy to maintain.

Accessories: Batteries and Chargers for More Extended Outdoor Work

Cut Cadet sells its battery-powered equipment without the batteries and chargers needed to power them, since the company wants to highlight just how easy it is to buy and charge multiple batteries for even better, extended use around the home’s exterior spaces. As a result, the two most popular accessories for this model are Cub Cadet’s 20-volt lithium-ion battery, and the charger that restores it to full power in just 4.5 hours. An optional shoulder strap is also available, which makes the trimmer easier to hold and carry around the lawn between trimming tasks.

Find the Cub Cadet ST59L Trimmer and Replacement Parts at

Customers throughout south-central Pennsylvania and parts of Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland, can find the trimmers and replacement parts they need at Shank’s Lawn Equipment. Whether at the company’s location along Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania, or online at, customers will find a full lineup of Cub Cadet lithium-ion power equipment models as well as a great selection of OEM parts. These parts, which can be sorted by part number, equipment model number, or engine type, are an asset for regular maintenance or the occasional repair that might be required after extended work around the home.

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