Cub Cadet PS59L Cordless Polesaw

Cub Cadet Pole SawThanks to major advances in lithium-ion battery technology, it’s never been easier for today’s power equipment companies to transition many of their residential products away from traditional engines and toward this more portable and eco-friendly technology. Cub Cadet is one of many companies that has worked on creating a full lineup of handheld items that run solely on battery power, making them lighter, quieter, more comfortable for the average homeowner, and more portable to the far ends of even the largest lawn. The PS59L pole saw is part of this family of handheld equipment options, with quiet operation and powerful features that will help keep hedges, trees, and other areas outside the home, well-maintained throughout the year.

Pole Saw Features: A Look at the Portable, Efficient PS59L

It’s important to note just how great the transition is from traditional fuel to a lithium-ion battery. Thanks to this change in technology, the PS59L pole saw is described as “whisper quiet” by numerous reviews. That’s because the engine features none of the traditional moving parts found within a gasoline engine, and doesn’t have to convert gasoline to energy in order to power the chain and get the job done. Instead, the battery offers “solid state” power that’s barely audible to the neighbors next door, or the person doing the work. There’s also zero emissions produced, and interchangeable batteries allow for extended work without charging or unplugging.

The PS59L comes with a sizable, 8-inch cutting blade that can handle most shrubbery and tree limbs. The pole saw itself has an extendable handle that can be made longer or shorter dynamically, based on the operator’s unique needs as they get the job done. Though the lithium-ion technology allows the pole saw to produce far fewer vibrations on the job, Cub Cadet has still made sure to design a handle with vibration-absorbing materials. This means that operators feel virtually no movement in their hands as they work, reducing fatigue and improving comfort. This is a vast improvement over traditional pole saws and chainsaws, which can cause quite a bit of fatigue or repetitive stress problems during longer outings.

Like all modern pieces of power equipment where a blade is featured, the PS59L pole saw comes with a safety “off” trigger. This model is also automatically oiled, which reduces the need for extensive lubrication prior to using the pole saw each time. This dramatic increase in efficiency also allows this model to be a bit more durable over the long-term.

Specifications Showcase a Portable, Comfortable Pole Saw for Homeowners

All of Cub Cadet’s lithium-ion power tools for residential customers can be paired with a universal set of batteries. This is good for two reasons: First, it means that it’s easy for homeowners to purchase and swap out batteries among all of their various pieces of equipment. Secondly, it means that every piece of equipment benefits from a uniform commitment to extended battery life. The PS59L can operate for up to 4.5 hours on a single charge, which is more than enough for most homeowners. If not, the battery can be swapped out for another one that is fully charged and ready to go.

As mentioned earlier, the pole saw features an 8-inch blade that’s perfect for most tree limbs and larger shrubs. The equipment is also designed specifically to be lightweight and easier to use for extended periods, and the included battery technology only makes that goal easier to accomplish.

Expand the Cub Cadet PS59L Pole Saw with Some Great Accessories

There aren’t very many accessories available for the PS59L pole saw, but the ones that are available are primarily concerned with the power level of the equipment and the ease with which batteries can be swapped or charged. Customers who have recently invested in a PS59L will note that the equipment comes without its own, included battery. There is also no charger included.

These two things represent the accessories available for the PS59L. Cub Cadet’s universal, extended-life battery can be purchased at any time, and the accompanying charger can be purchased separately. This makes it pretty easy to buy only the batteries and chargers needed for either a single piece of equipment or for a broader family of Cub Cadet lithium-ion tools used around the home.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment Makes it Easy to Find the PS59L Pole Saw and More

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a valuable resource for those in central Pennsylvania and nearby areas, with an extensive collection of Cub Cadet equipment options that leverage battery technology. is also a great place to find OEM replacement parts that can help keep these portable pieces of equipment in excellent shape for many years to come. Whether it’s a new piece of equipment or new parts to maintain something older, Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a great place to find it.

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