Cub Cadet Li-Ion Tools

cub cadet li ionWhen it comes to convenient home landscaping, nothing compares to the mobility and utility of battery-powered tools. That’s why Cub Cadet has long sold some of the leading lithium-ion landscaping tools for the ultimate in cordless convenience. These handheld tools are designed for maximum ease of use and portability, with electric starter mechanisms that are as easy as the push of a button. Large batteries provide for an extended burst of power around the home, ensuring that everything from weed trimming to leaf blowing can be completed without an intermission for recharging and equipment maintenance. For those considering such tools, it’ might be worth noting the biggest selling points of Cub Cadet’s selection.

– The CS59L Chainsaw

Cub Cadet’s cordless SC59L chainsaw might not have the noise and vibration associated with gas-powered models, but it still brings an excellent amount of power to the table. The chainsaw features a replaceable, 20-volt lithium-ion battery that lasts for up to 4.5 hours in typical outdoor maintenance work. The chainsaw features a ten-inch blade for the ultimate in durability and cutting capacity, putting it on par with many corded or gas-powered models already on the market.

– The HB59L Handheld Blower

The handheld HB59L leaves the cord behind but offers a superior amount of portability and power. The equipment is exceedingly light to handle, courtesy of its lack of an onboard fuel tank. Up to two speeds can be used around the home to get rid of fall foliage or typical lawn debris, with the highest speed offering up to 100 miles per hour of pure productivity. Up to 4.5 hours on a single charge means that the battery can hold up for even the longest outdoor maintenance sessions.

– The ST59L String Trimmer

Weeds have a tendency to grow near sidewalks and other areas that aren’t very close to the home, and the cordless ST59L string trimmer is the best way to handle weed elimination away from the home. The trimmer comes with the same 20-volt battery with lithium-ion technology and can easy tackle weeds for more than 4 hours before it either must be recharged or a replacement battery added to the mix. The trimmer’s portability and exceedingly light weight, combined with a soft-touch rubber grip around the handle, ensure that it’s comfortable to use for the full four-hour charge loaded into the equipment at the outset.

– The HT59L Hedge Trimmer

When hedges get out of control, homeowners would be wise to turn to Cub Cadet’s cordless HT59L hedge trimmer. The equipment comes with a 22-inch cutting bar that is large enough to handle most medium to large-sized hedges and bushes around the home. Its included battery, a lithium-ion power pack with 20 volts of power, can last up to 4.5 hours in typical trimming work around the home. The 22-inch bar is big and powerful enough to handle cutting hedges with branches up to 9/16″ thick. That’s a significant boost over many competing electric models, and it’s sure to make trimming easy throughout the spring and summer months. Best of all, it features a light overall weight and comes with soft-touch rubber gripping that makes the trimmer easy to hold and accurately position.

– The PS59L Polesaw

The chainsaw mentioned earlier might be a really great way to handle most bigger trimming jobs around the home, but sometimes branches are simply too high in the air to handle effectively with at traditional chainsaw. That’s where Cub Cadet’s cordless PS59L polesaw comes into the mix. This polesaw features entirely cordless operation and packs the power of a 20-volt lithium-ion battery for maximum power and longevity around the home. Like other electric tools in this group, the polesaw comes with rubber gripping around the handle that creates a soft, easy-to-hold grip for longer periods of use. The saw features an 8-inch cutting blade and the pole it sits on can be adjusted longer and shorter based on the operator’s needs around the home.

Great Accessories for Maximum Versatility

Cub Cadet’s accessory lineup for these lithium-ion lawn tools is exceptional, and it’s designed to make sure that homeowners always have a charged battery ready to go. In addition to spare battery packs, the company sells highly powerful battery chargers that can restore a drained battery in a very short amount of time. The combination of a fast charge and OEM replacement batteries will ensure that homeowners can get the job done without frustrating stops and starts when juice runs low.

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