Cub Cadet Hydro Walk-Behind Mowers

When you mow lawns for a living, you often find yourself dealing with two extremes. Lawn tractors and ZTRs can make quick work of large spaces, but they can’t get into areas that are surrounded by landscape features and buildings. Walk behind mowers can get into these spaces, but they’re slow. Cub Cadet hydro walk-behind mowers are designed to strike a balance between these two extremes. Their delicate controls and compact size help them get to places other mowers can’t reach, yet they’re also fast enough for wide open spaces.
All models in the Hydro Walk-Behind series are powered by Kawasaki’s FS481V V-twin. This 603cc engine produces 14.5 HP. An hour meter on the control panel makes it easy to keep track of maintenance.
The Pro HW series uses a pair of Hydro-Gear ZT 2800 hydrostatic motors. These commercial quality units can propel the mower to a top speed of 7 MPH going forward, and 3 MPH in reverse. A speed control lever allows the operator to adjust the mower’s top speed. This way, it can be limited to walking speeds when using the mower as a walk-behind, or when trimming around obstacles. Connect a one or two-wheel sulky, and the mower’s full speed can be put to use. The HW has a large pad mounted to the control tower, so the operator can lean against it when using a sulky. The drive system also has cruise control for wide open areas.
Normally, making tracking adjustments is a lengthy process. You have to stop and start the hydraulic motors repeatedly, while using a screwdriver to make tiny adjustments to the hydrostatic motor valves.  These mowers have a single adjustment knob under the dash. If the mower starts to pull in one direction, just turn the knob to compensate.
A Solution for Fine Control
Stiction is a major obstacle when it comes to fine control of hydraulic systems. It takes considerably more effort to get a control lever to start moving than it does to keep it moving. If you’re using a front loader on the tractor, this movement can make the bucket jump around. If you’re using the drive controls on a mower, that sudden motion can push the deck into landscaping instead of around it.
Cub Cadet addresses this issue by using ball bearing linkages for the hydrostatic drive levers. This all but eliminates friction between the levers and the drive motors for smooth engagement. The result is a fine level of control that matches that of a push mower.
The fabricated deck shell is made from 10 gauge steel with 7 gauge reinforcements along the bottom edges and deck top. The spindles are completely sealed, making them maintenance free. These decks are fitted with Marbain blades. This proprietary alloy resists wear longer than other blade materials.
The decks on these mowers have 7 cutting height positions ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.
All versions of the Pro HW are identical, aside from the deck size.
Pro HW 336: 36 inch deck
Pro HW 348: 48 inch deck
Pro HW 354: 54 inch deck
We Can Help You Find the Perfect Mower
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