Cub Cadet HT59L Hedge Trimmer

HT59Cub Cadet’s hedge trimmers are a top option for homeowners, thanks to their impressive amount of power and their ability to be easily toted around larger outdoor areas. The HT59L model enhances that long-term commitment to power and portability by ditching the gasoline-powered engine and opting instead for lithium-ion battery technology that reduces noise, eliminates emissions, and allows today’s operators to resist the forces of fatigue and repetitive stress that can occur after extended landscaping work throughout the spring and summer. The trimmer’s inherent benefits are boosted by lithium-ion technology, making it a great, entry-level model for those who value the right combination of portability, low noise levels, and ease of use.

A Look at the HT59L Hedge Trimmer’s Key Features

Because the HT59L is powered by a high-capacity battery, it offers a few key features that gas-powered models, and even those corded options with electric engines, simply don’t offer to today’s consumers. First and foremost, the equipment comes with a high-capacity battery that allows for many consecutive hours of full portability around the home. This was once considered virtually impossible without a gasoline engine, but recent advances in battery technology have helped Cub Cadet extend the useful life of its trimmer between battery changes and charges. Because the equipment does use a battery, it utilizes a completely different type of engine that is virtually silent. That means no waking up the neighbors during early morning trimming, and no early evening deadline to get the work done, either.

The trimmer is designed for maximum operator friendliness, and the battery used with the trimmer is part of that commitment. Because a different, quieter type of engine is used, fewer vibrations are transmitted from the engine to the handle, and from the handle to the operator. As a result, fatigue is less of a concern with the HT59L hedge trimmer than with competing models powered by two-cycle gas engines. The trimmer also comes with a very comfortable trimmer grip that uses soft rubber and other materials to insulate the operator from any lingering vibrations. This means even longer outdoor work won’t risk fatigue or repetitive stress complications, an added bonus for any homeowner with lots of hedges to be maintained.

HT59L Trimmer Specifications Show How Powerful This Model Is

The battery pack offered by Cub Cadet is a 20-volt, lithium-ion battery that provides several hours of continuous work without requiring a recharge. When recharging does become necessary, the battery can be fully charged in just over four hours. The battery itself is fully removable, and charges using a separate charging device. That means it’s possible to buy several batteries and swap them out on the fly, which actually enhances this trimmer’s viability for more extended periods of work.

The HT59L hedge trimmer features a 22-inch blade on an aluminum rail, with precision sharpening that allows for very efficient and consistent trimming results. The precision sharpening also allows this model to cut through some pretty thick hedges, with Cub Cadet estimating its maximum capacity at limbs of 9/16-inch in diameter. As with all of Cub Cadet’s trimmers, the 22-inch blade can be removed and either sharpened or fully replaced, based on its overall condition. The trimmer’s OEM parts are available from Shanks Lawn Equipment.

Batteries and Chargers Round Out the Trimmer’s Available Accessories

The accessories available for the HT59L hedge trimmer enerally include the battery packs and chargers required to power the equipment. Cub Cadet’s cordless models are generally sold without the necessary battery or charger, homeowners need to purchase batteries and chargers for the trimmer and any other battery-powered Cub Cadet products they might already own. Fully removable, 20-volt Cub Cadet batteries are readily available, as is an official battery charger that includes rapid recharging technology.

In addition to these two useful additions to any cordless equipment model, Cub Cadet makes sure to offer a full range of OEM replacement parts, including blades, that might be necessary during seasonal maintenance. These parts are available at Shanks Lawn Equipment, and are easily found using the online parts lookup tool.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment Has New Trimmers and OEM Cub Cadet Parts Available

Cub Cadet’s HT59L trimmer is one of the best models for residential purposes, since it offers quieter operation and a built-in battery that reduces long-term maintenance concerns. Those homeowners looking to add this piece of equipment to their landscaping portfolio will find everything they need at Shank’s Lawn Equipment. Whether in-person or online at, it’s easy to find the full lineup of battery-powered trimmers and OEM replacement parts that make it easier to maintain the equipment over the long-term. Located along I-81, Shank’s Lawn Equipment is convenient to those in central Pennsylvania, West Virginia, northern Virginia, and central Maryland, and offers the ability to sort parts in several ways for maximum compatibility.

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