Cub Cadet CC1 Combo Kit

CC1 Combo KitCub Cadet is a leader in providing homeowners with battery-powered tools that help them take care of the lawn without noisy gasoline engines or tangled electric cords. For the most part, this has involved creating a series of different tools that are not interchangeable: Pole saws, trimmers, blowers, and other pieces of equipment that simply cannot be combined into a universal tool. That all falls by the wayside, however, with the company’s innovative CC1 combo kit. This unique kit comes with several different attachments that all leverage the power of a single power source. When swapping between them, this kit allows homeowners to get multiple tools all in the same package, with minimal storage space required and at a great savings compared to purchasing numerous separate pieces of the same equipment.

The Features: Plug-and-Play Lawn Care Using Multiple Tools

Most homeowners are pressed for space when it comes to storing their lawn mower and various other landscaping tools. In fact, a large number of homeowners actually build a storage shed purely for these items alone. Cub Cadet is a leader in creating compact pieces of equipment for the residential market, but its CC1 goes quite a bit further than any of its other options. The CC1 is a combo kit that comes with a central power unit. That central power unit is powered by lithium-ion battery technology, making it easily rechargeable. This technology also ensures that the assembled CC1 power tools are quieter, zero-emissions, and less fatiguing than their more conventional counterparts.

The central power unit features a universal connector that works in conjunction with two crucial attachments. The first of these, and the one that might be used the most, is a simple trimmer that can tackle weeds or hard-to-mow areas of the lawn. The curved trimmer attachment simply snaps into place and, when the equipment is turned on, quietly cuts away at trouble spots around the lawn. The second piece of equipment is a powerful blower, which can be used throughout the fall to get rid of fall foliage or clear the lawn of debris after a major summer storm.

Both pieces of equipment are designed to leverage the quiet power of battery technology, with efficient operation that can last up to 4.5 hours in typical conditions. Both pieces use the same battery, and feature an adapter that makes it easy to swap that battery out if it loses its charge during use. To reduce operator fatigue, the handles for both the trimmer and the blower feature vibration-absorbing rubber materials that boost comfort and safety for longer tasks.

The CC1 combo kit is designed to be not only operator-friendly, but also friendly to the environment. To that end, both the blower and the trimmer come with an “eco” mode that uses less power while producing roughly the same results. If homeowners find that they need a bit of extra power to handle certain trimming or blowing tasks, they can engage an alternative PowerBoost mode that leverages the full power of the included battery and maximizes engine power to produce even better results. It’s easy to alternate between these modes on the fly; each mode will affect battery life slightly differently, however, so it’s a good idea to be aware of which mode is engaged and how quickly the battery will lose a charge if a change to lower power isn’t made when necessary.

CC1 Combo Specs: A Versatile Addition to the Home Landscaping Lineup

The CC1 Combo Kit from Cub Cadet is one of the few lithium-ion equipment models to come with the battery and charger included. The more traditional, standalone pieces of equipment simply don’t feature that benefit. The battery included with the CC1 is a 40-volt, lithium-ion model, which provides as much as 4.5 hours of continuous use to both the trimmer and the blower. This will vary based on the use of eco or PowerBoost modes, however.

The trimmer features a dual cutting line that measures 13 inches in total width. The cutting line itself is .095 inches in diameter, making it sharp and highly precise for most tasks done around the home. The blower attachment can produce wind speeds of up to 80 miles per hour, which is perfect for virtually all cleanup work done in a residential environment. An axial fan design is standard, and a narrower, concentrated nozzle is included.

Get Started with the Cub Cadet CC1 Combo Kit at is a great place to start making the transition from more conventional home landscaping tools to those powered by lithium-ion battery technology. The website offers the full lineup of tools sold by Cub Cadet, including its CC1 combo kit, as well as OEM replacement parts that make maintenance easier and more durable. Shank’s Lawn Equipment serves customers in central Pennsylvania, central Maryland, northern Virginia, and West Virginia, with a convenient location along Interstate 81 in the south-central portion of Pennsylvania.

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