Cub Cadet 3X 26” vs. 3X 28” Three-Stage Snowblowers

Cub Cadet 3X 26 SnowblowerClearing snow is generally not considered a fun winter activity, but it’s unfortunately a pretty essential one after the storm has finally subsided. With the Cub Cadet 3X Series of snow blowers, homeowners who previously dreaded cleaning up snowfall might change their tune just a bit. The system is far more powerfulCub Cadet 3X 28 than two-stage snow blowers and offers larger overall intake heights that can handle even heavier snowfall accumulations. There are three sizes available to today’s buyers, each of which will feel right at home in different environments and for different needs.

Before buying either the entry-level 26-inch snow blower, or the midrange 28-inch model, be sure to consider how the unique features of each option might affect efficient clearing of snow all winter long.

The Similarities

Both the 26-inch and 28-inch models are from the same product family, so they share the vast majority of their features. For instance, both of these snow blowers include a 3X induction accelerator that actually works to pull snow and ice into the snow blower. It performs this task, as one might guess, three times faster than either traditional single-stage or two-stage snow blowers. Overall, this 3X technology allows the equipment to get the job done up to 50 percent faster than competing options. That’s a commitment to efficiency and speed that is universal in this series, no matter the intake width.

Both models come with varying intake heights of either 21 inches or 23 inches, with homeowners able to choose the snow blower that meets their budgetary requirements as well as their overall snow clearing needs. The 23-inch intake height might just be the best option, however, because it’s assuredly able to handle all but the biggest blizzards of the decade with that kind of size and power.

The 28-inch and 26-inch models both come with an electric, push-button start that makes it exceedingly easy to get the equipment going on cold days. Other models, with which these 3X snow blowers compete, still rely on ripcord starting mechanisms in many cases. While traditional, those systems are anything but intuitive. With electric starters, these snow blowers can be on and in full operation in just a few seconds. Since a quicker start means a quicker finish, homeowners will find it hard to resist this particular benefit.

Both models come with a 357cc OHV Cub Cadet engine, designed to perfectly compliment the overall size and weight of each model. Power steering is included standard as well, which makes turning and moving the snow blower a great deal easier than it would be with competing models that simply lack this added convenience.

The Differences

The primary difference between each model is the intake width. The 26-inch model is perfect for homeowners that have shorter driveways, narrower walkways, and generally less outdoor areas that need to be cleaned after a major storm. For homeowners that have a larger area to clean, however, the 26-inch width of the entry-level model might simply by too little. That’s where the upgraded width comes in.

The 28-inch model is slightly wider, but that can make all the difference when clearing medium-sized lawns, longer driveways, and slightly larger walkways around the home. Luckily, the 28-inch width doesn’t add very much weight to the snow blower at all. That makes it still very easy to operate and maneuver, and it explains why a 357cc engine is included with both pieces of equipment.

Designed for Maximum Seasonal Durability at Home

Both of these snow blowers were designed by Cub Cadet to pair their relatively large size with unparalleled durability. That’s why both the 26-inch and 28-inch models come with heavy duty serrated steel augers, designed specifically to handle the 3X induction mode of operation that the company is hoping will dramatically improve cleanup after a major snowstorm.

Both models further enhance durability with highly durable Cool Blue skid shoes. Designed to clear snow without leaving tracks or damaging the ground, the Cool Blue skid shoes are also designed to withstand particularly icy conditions without inflicting damage on the snow blower or allowing it to slide, skid, and slip through routine snow clearing.

Of course, any parts that do succumb to the stress of heavy snowfall and thick ice can be easily replaced using OEM parts found at authorized dealers across the country. That’s one way Cub Cadet has always shored up peace of mind with its most loyal buyers, and it remains true for these snow blowers.

Looking for Cub Cadet 3X Snow Blowers and Parts?

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is an excellent resource for homeowner who are looking for ways to beat Mother Nature’s worst storms and keep outdoor areas navigable. The company offers the full lineup of 3X Series snow blowers to homeowners who haven’t yet added the equipment to their arsenal, and also offers a great lineup of OEM replacement parts that are absolutely essential when performing regular maintenance and repairs on each model.

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