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Core Cordless ToolsThere are plenty of competitors in the crowded market for battery-powered, cordless landscaping tools used by homeowners and commercial customers alike. Though most of these companies offer largely the same set of tools with a nearly identical list of features, the options put forth by Core’s Power Lok line are significantly different from virtually every other option available. Unlike most competing options, the Power Lok tool lineup uses an attachment system that works with a single, central power unit that draws electricity from a lithium-ion battery. This is an innovative way of cutting down costs for customers, by allowing them to buy only the attachments, and therefore the tools, that they most require to beautify outdoor spaces throughout the spring and summer months.

The Drive Unit: A Central Power House for Tool Attachments

The key to getting the job done with Core’s Power Look lineup of handheld tools is a central drive unit, which packs a powerful engine capable of handling everything from hedge trimming to leaf blowing and beyond. Two innovative features make the drive unit among the most unique items on the market. First and foremost, the system uses a unique motor, designed by Core, that produces more power with a smaller footprint. In fact, it’s one of the smallest and most powerful such motors in this segment.

The company recognizes that its motor and attachments must be as user-friendly as possible, largely because they’re used primarily by homeowners with limited landscaping experience. For this reason, they’ve also made sure that the central drive unit can automatically recognize which attachment is in place. This allows the motor to behave and perform slightly differently based on the present attachment, providing just the right amount of power to get the job done without overwhelming the attachment or putting the operator at risk.

Attachments Available: A Look at How the Central Drive Unit Gets the Job Done

The central motor is the key to powering each attachment, but it can’t actually perform any landscaping tasks on its own. This small piece of equipment works only in conjunction with one of several attachments, each of them designed to handle a key aspect of landscaping in an efficient, affordable way on behalf of today’s homeowners. The real magic of this central unit is in its pairing with landscaping tools. Consider each of the following attachments and how it works with the central drive unit:

– Blower Attachment

Whether it’s to clean up debris after a summer thunderstorm or to make sure that fall foliage isn’t cutting off key nutrients that enrich the lawn, the Power Lock blower attachment can get the job done. The blower attaches directly to the central unit and, when fully assembled, weighs just 12 pounds. That makes the blower particularly easy to tote around even those larger areas. The attachment certainly packs a punch, with a maximum air flower speed of 112 mils per hour. Core estimates that the blower can last as long on a full battery charge as a more conventional blower can last on a single tank of gas, making this attachment particularly useful.

  • Trimmer Attachment

To create a consistent outdoor aesthetic, even around corners and edges, most homeowners need to invest in a trimmer. The proper attachment for the Core central unit adds a bit of heft, and brings the total weight up to 11 pounds. Customers who invest in this trimmer will enjoy trimmer lines up to 0.95 inches in diameter with up to a 20-foot spool. The dual-line system can capably handle grass, weeds, and smaller plants, all without becoming damaged and without cutting roughly or unevenly. Like the blower, this model is estimated to last as long on a full battery charge as a conventional trimmer would last on a tank of gasoline.

  • Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Handling hedges and bushes is no easy task, but it can be made a great deal easier with Core’s Power Lok hedge trimmer attachment. This hedge trimmer extends outward up to 22 inches from the central unit, making it easy to handle even deeper or taller hedges around the home. Like all of the best trimmers for residential use, this model comes with a dual-plate system that ensures easier, more precise trimming, which will result in healthier hedges and a better aesthetic appeal outside the home. Thanks to the powerful engine driving the trimmer’s blades, they can produce up to 3,200 strokes per minute. That’s actually higher than many competing, battery-powered hedge trimmer models available from the competition.

Buy New Power Lok Tools and OEM Parts from Shank’s Lawn Equipment

For a new central processing unit or any of the Core Power Lok system’s attachments, customers will want to visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment. In addition to great, in-person sales advice for customers in central Pennsylvania, the company’s online store offers a great selection of OEM parts as well as great attachments and enhancements for this series.

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