Comparison Guide to the eXmark Turf Tracer Models

eXmark Turf TracerThe eXmark Turf Tracer walk-behind mowers provide professional grade quality along with operator comfort. Whether you’re a commercial landscaper or a homeowner with a large property, the eXmark Turf Tracer mowers are perfect for quickly and efficiently cutting grass. The Turf Tracer comes in various models from fixed decks to propane models and much more. It’s easy to find the right mower to fit your needs.

The Turf Tracer S-Series has four durable engines, including the fuel-efficient and eco-friendly option with the propane Kohler PCV680 with electronic fuel injection. Add in a cutting deck between 36 and 52 inches and the patented eXmark Enhanced Control System, and it translates to unmatched operator productivity and comfort. The S-Series is engineered for efficient and speedy operation while providing maximum comfort. Choose from nine available models of the S-Series to find exactly what you need.

The Turf Tracer X-Series leads the industry in walk-behind mowers with an enhanced control system, premium air filtration, and superior clutch performance. The X-Series is a full-featured walk-behind with models to fit your toughest jobs. Choose from four different models and take advantage of either a 52 or 60-inch cutting deck. The X-Series engines include the Kohler EFI, the Kawasaki, and the Kohler EFI Propane. The mower clocks ground speeds at as much as 6.75 mph and reverse speeds up to 2.25.

Comparison of S-Series and X-Series

The S-Series of mowers is generally best for small to medium lawns and is ideal for both professional and residential customers. The X-Series tends to work well with medium to large lawns. The S-Series has somewhat lower speed, topping out at 6.2 mph forward and 2.2 in reverse. X-Series mowers are generally heavier than the S-Series, as well as wider and longer. You can expect the X-Series to take care of the toughest commercial jobs while the S-Series is more geared towards smaller, residential areas.

Where to buy eXmark products, parts, and have them serviced:

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