Choosing the Right Honda Tiller

Honda FC 600 TillerWhen it comes to ensuring a great landscaping maintenance routine that cultivates rich home gardens and attractive flowerbeds, few pieces of law equipment are as essential as a motorized tiller. Many companies produce this essential piece of equipment, but only Honda is committed to a diverse product lineup that includes mini-tiller models, mid-range options, and commercial-grade, rear-tine tillers that can handle virtually any task that homeowners throw their way.

Despite this large product selection, or perhaps because of it, many homeowners often have a hard time deciding between each class of tiller. It can often be hard to discern exactly which model, or tiller size, is right for each concern. The good news, though, is that this decision is incredibly easy to make with a few facts and product specifications on hand. Honda’s Mini-Tiller option is perfect for small spaces and tight corners.

One of the key differentiators between each of Honda’s tiller classes is the overall size of the tiller and the engine that makes its work possible. The entry-level model, often called a mini-tiller, is Honda’s offering for homeowners who are new to tilling in general, or those who have particularly small or tight gardens and flowerbeds to maintain. The FG110 mini-tiller measures just nine inches wide. It’s perfect for handling smaller flowerbeds and gardens, or the tight spaces that exist between plants when tilling of those areas is required.

With a four-stroke engine, the FG110 is very easy to start, allowing homeowners to focus more on the task at hand and less on managing an unwieldy piece of tilling equipment. This smaller engine is also instrumental in keeping the FG110’s overall weight very low, allowing it to be toted into raised flowerbeds and other awkward areas where a more traditional tiller simply would not be able to go.

Mid-Tine Tillers are great for more conventional uses around the home. While it’s great that Honda produces a mini-tiller for awkward spaces, smaller flowerbeds, and tighter maneuvering, a large number of homeowners simply aren’t best served by a smaller tiller model. Indeed, many homeowners today are investing in larger home gardens and growing areas that could seriously benefit from a slightly larger tiller with a bit more power under the hood. For those buyers, Honda has developed two mid-tine tillers that will handle most home gardening concerns with ease. The first of these is the F220 mid-tine tiller. Instead of a four-stroke engine, this model comes with one of Honda’s powerful GX series engines. It’s the same engine used to power numerous products produced in other segments by Honda, including the company’s generators and some other lawn equipment offerings.The larger engine powers a tiller with a much wider width, detachable tines, and available attachments for a variety of other needs around the home.

For consumers who need even more power for particularly demanding tilling tasks, Honda has produced the slightly more powerful FC600 mid-tine tiller model. Instead of the company’s popular GX series engine, this model comes with a commercial grade OHV engine capable of producing a great deal more horsepower. The engine is also considered an “easy start” engine, so homeowners won’t have to continually yank a cord out of frustration and hope for the best. For commercial customers or more demanding homeowners, a rear-tine tiller is best the rear-tine tiller takes everything that’s great about the mini-tiller and mid-tine tiller models and turns it around, literally.

The rear-tine tiller places its tilling attachments in the back, rather than in the front, of the equipment. This gives the tiller a greater degree of stability, and it allows the tines to dig deeper and handle more challenging soil composition and terrain. The FRC800 rear-tine tiller is considered a commercial model perfect for professional landscaping tasks, and it comes with an appropriately sized commercial OHV engine. Of course, it’s great for larger home growing areas and flowerbeds around the home, too, and will get the job done under just about any circumstances.

For OEM Parts, reliable service and more, Shank’s Lawn Equipment can help, once customers have decided which of Honda’s three tiller sizes is best for their unique needs. They will need to decide on a provider of OEM parts, regular maintenance and service, and other forms of customer support that will last for as long as they own their Honda model.

Shank’s Lawn Equipment, which has been in the power equipment industry since 1984, is a logical choice to meet all of these needs. The company has a vast selection of OEM Honda replacement parts for each variety of tiller and, with an online parts lookup tool, Shank’s Lawn Equipment makes it easy to find the right part and receive it quickly. This quick delivery of parts is a key way to keep Honda tillers running for years to come. If you are in the Franklin County and Fulton PA area, stop by to visit our location and our knowledgeable staff.

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