Brown Products WireMaster Mole & Bantam Mole Fence Installers


It’s possible to hand dig a trench to lay wire, but with the right tolo, the results can be cleaner and the installation can be a lot faster. Brown Products’ edger-based Moles are designed to cut trenches, lay wire and bury it all in one motion, laying several feet of cable per minute, and they’re designed to weather the rigors of the professional operators and rental customers who will use them. With two models and several rotors to choose from, there’s a combination to fit any wire laying need.

WireMaster Mole

Built around Brown Products’ ReDefiner chassis, this compact digging machine is designed for laying underground boundary wire used in invisible dog fences.

It’s powered by a Honda GX160, an engine renowned for its reliability and built for high-dust applications with features like a dual element air filter. A twin belt pulley system provides a durable connection between the motor and the rotor.

The wire spool rides on a peg, mounted on the handle, letting it spin freely as the wire is channeled through a tube down to the rotor housing. The Mole’s rotor is fully enclosed by a rubber hood, deflecting dirt downward and inward, forcing it into the trench just cut by the rotor, filling it as the wire is being laid and forcing more wire to be drawn from the spool for one step installation. The digging height can be adjusted to two, three or four inches deep, putting it within the recommendations of a wide range of wire products.

While most models on the market will lay down only 10 feet or so per minute, the WireMaster can lay up to 25 feet of wire per minute, significantly cutting installation times. Transport is easy thanks to a total weight of just 95 lbs. and a folding handle for transport.

Bantam Mole

Like the WireMaster, the Bantam is built on another of Brown Products’ designs, the Bededger Bantam. This model cuts trenches that are anywhere from 3 ½ to 7 inches deep, which allows the installation of dog fence wire and low voltage wires used in landscape lighting. To handle thicker cables and deeper cuts, it’s powered by a Honda GX200 and it comes with a larger spool carrier. This model can lay down between 10 and 30 feet of wire per minute.


Brown Products makes 12 rotor designs in a variety of lengths to fit the task at hand. This includes cutting surfaces designed for clay, rocky soil and roots available in small widths to cut a narrow channel with minimal soil interruption. With a single nut holding on the rotor, it’s easy to switch to the best design for the job.

When selecting a rotor, keep in mind that 3.5 inches of the length from the hole to the end of the rotor is needed to reach the ground. That means a 9-inch rotor has a maximum cutting depth of 5.5 inches.

Conversion Kits

Already own a ReDefiner or Bededger Bantam? Since both of these wire laying tools are based around these machines, turning your edger into a wire installation machine is simply a matter of installing the right parts. Brown Products offers kits with everything you need for both machines, but since they’re bolt-on assemblies, the device can’t be converted back without the use of tools.


Brown Products warranties both the Bantam and the WireMaster for one year whether they’re used by rental businesses, professionals or residential owners. Likewise, Honda guarantees the GX series of engines for three years no matter how they’re used.

Keep Your Brown Products Mole Running with Shank’s

Whether you’re looking to buy a WireMaster Mole or you need to get parts or service for your Brown Products equipment, you can get everything you need at Shank’s Lawn Equipment. Our shop is at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here, take Exit 10 to Marion and drive one mile east on Rt. 11.

Need replacement parts? Want to convert your edger to a wire laying machine or need a different rotor for your next job? We ship parts across the U.S. and Canada. To order, visit

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