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blower-vac1While large-scale equipment including wide deck mowers, batwing aerating trailers, towable seed spreaders and tractor-based snowblowers are common, most landscapers are stuck using backpack and walk-behind blowers. Brown Products’ BVZ4000 Blower-Vac fixes this problem by combining a standing ZTR platform with a massive impeller and an array of attachments that deliver the speed and performance you need to keep up with the rest of your equipment.

BVZ4000 Blower-Vac: A Base to Build On

The BVZ4000’s design is similar to a standing ZTR. The operator stands on the back of the unit, giving them a clear view of the area being cleaned up, while independent hydrostatic transmissions let the blower move like a zero turn radius mower. In fact, it uses the same Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 transaxles found on a wide range of commercial ZTRs. The hydraulic motors are controlled using two pairs of levers, letting the user hold onto the handlebar while pulling the upper levers to go forward or the lower levers to go in reverse. Damper and engine controls are mounted next to the levers for easy access.

The Blower-Vac is offered with two engines: The 22.1 hp Honda GX690 and the 25 hp Subaru EH720. With either motor, the blower can move 4,500 cubic feet of air per minute. The damper control system lets the operator open and close the front and rear flaps independently, aiming the airflow to best fit the task at hand.

Starting with the base unit, attachments can be added to turn the Blower-Vac into a multi-purpose landscaping tool, letting you collect debris, gather them for easy truck loading and even aerate.

ALU4000 Attachment Unit

This carriage is designed to carry attachments on the front of the blower. It can be used free-floating or can be fixed into place by inserting a single pin, while its position and angle can be adjusted from the control panel. The mounting points allow a single person to attach and remove this unit and the tool it’s carrying.

BVAC4000 Vacuum System

The front of this assembly attaches to the Blower-Vac using the ALU4000 and adds a trailer with two mount points and two caster wheels to the back that carries the debris container.

Debris enters through a 42-inch wide opening or an 8-inch wide auxiliary hose that attaches to the vacuum hood. This hood can be lifted hydraulically from the operator’s position to a height of 17.5 inches (44.5 cm) for passing over obstacles and loading onto a trailer, while the wheels on the hood can also be adjusted to set a minimum height when in use. After passing through the intake hose, impeller and exhaust hose, debris and dust move through a cyclonic separator before being deposited in the 10.3 bushel (363.4 liter) container. When the container is full, it can be rolled off using the built-in ramp on the back of the trailer.

Multi-Directional Nozzle

This attachment allows more flexibility by allowing air to be aimed at up to 100 degrees left or right and up to 60 degrees up, making it easy to clear off curbs, fences, and bushes. It can be set up to mount directly to the blower or on the ALU4000 for easy attachment and removal, while the actuator mounts to the blower’s control panel for aiming during operation.

BAER4000 Aerator

Another ALU4000-compatible attachment, this 40-inch wide aerator uses 48 tines to cut up to four inches deep, leaving a 5 5/8 by 7 ¾ inch core pattern. When mounted on the Blower-Vac, it can cover up to 2.8 acres per hour.

BLP4872 Leaf Pusher

This attachment makes it easy to move collected leaves into a single location for easy pickup. It’s 48 inches high and 72 inches wide with a concave shape to gather and move large piles of leaves, while a structure made out of ½ inch steel tubing makes it exceptionally durable. The wings can be folded in to reduce the total width to 59 inches for passing through gates and loading onto trailers.

Get the Most from Your Blower-Vac with Help from Shank’s Lawn Equipment

Looking to buy a Blower-Vac? Need some parts or want to add some attachments? Visit Shanks Lawn Equipment, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. We’re a certified dealer for Brown Products, and with over 30 years in the outdoor power equipment business, we can help you get the equipment that will fit your needs. To get here from I-81, take Exit 10 to Marion and drive one mile east.

Need parts for your Brown Products equipment? We can ship anything you need to any address in the U.S. and Canada. Visit us online at

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