Brown Products Bed Edgers

Brown Products Bed EdgersA Brown Products BedEdger does more than edging. Thanks to a wide selection of rotors, these machines can edge and trench surfaces, preparing them for a wide range of landscaping tasks. Naturally, it can make angled cuts in the soil, creating defined edges between landscape features and lawns. Switch to a different rotor, and you can dig shallow or deep trenches for installing everything from irrigation to walkways. It even removes small stumps. Which model should you buy, and how can you use it for your landscaping business?

Rotors for Every Purpose

While the machines themselves are solidly constructed, what makes the BedEdger line stand out is their flexibility. Brown offers rotors in a wide range of sizes and designs to handle most common trenching and edging jobs. A single nut mounting system makes it easy to change rotors at your worksite. This lets you use your edger for multiple jobs in one visit. Here’s what they currently offer for the BedEdger and BedEdger Bantam:

Clay – Need to make a trench in hard ground? Despite the name, these rotors are strong enough to cut through hard, rocky, and wet soil as well as asphalt and gravel. Brown offers a two-point rotor that cuts one-inch trenches, a three-point rotor that cuts two-inch wide trenches, and 5 and 7 point rotors that cut three-inch wide trenches. The 7 point rotor’s extra cutting surfaces increases its service life as much as 90% compared to the 5 point rotor.

Rock – While soil performance is poor, this rotor design has no trouble cutting through rocks thanks to its replaceable tungsten carbide bits. These rotors are available in 1.5 and 3-inch widths.

RainDrain – This rotor cuts a flat 4 ½ inch trench. This trench is perfect for laying down four-inch drain lines used to transfer water from gutter downspouts. It’s also great for laying down edging built using bricks and cinder blocks.

Root Pruner – A 1.5-inch cutting width makes this rotor ideal for slicing roots next to driveways and sidewalks. This keeps roots from growing under and lifting up concrete while minimizing the harm to the plant they’re growing out of. The root pruner is also a good choice if you need to make trenches to lay down invisible dog fences, low voltage lights or wiring for irrigation controllers.

BedMaster – This rotor has angled points that create sloped trenches. This helps create sharply defined borders around landscape features. The three-inch rotor is good for simple trenches, while wider four and 5-inch rotors provide the space needed to place plastic retaining walls and edging fences.

Re-Defining – Less aggressive points make this tool a better choice than the BedMaster when you need to re-establish previously cut bed edges. This design throws less dirt and lasts longer, saving money on cleanup and replacement costs.

Curbing – This flat rotor cuts a 9-inch wide trench that’s perfect for installing blocks and timber landscape borders.

StumpMaster – This rotor only cuts up to an inch deep into the soil, but it can remove trunks and roots up to 6 inches tall.


The standard BedEdger cuts between 10 and 30 feet per minute when edging and 7 to 30 feet per minute when trenching. It’s powered by a 9 HP Honda GX270 and uses a double belt and pulley drive.

Brown offers two versions of the BedEdger. The F791H has a depth adjustment ranging from 2 to 7 inches, while the F991H can cut up to 9 inches deep. Trenching width for both models ranges between ½ inch and 9 inches depending on the rotor.

The BedEdger Bantam is smaller and uses a three-step depth adjustment instead of the infinite adjustment of the standard model. Cutting depth can be set to 3 ½, 4 ½ or 5 inches. Brown makes two versions: the B590 uses the same GX270 as the regular BedEdger, while the B565 comes with a 6.5 HP GX200.


Honda guarantees GX Series engines for three years of commercial use. Brown Products guarantees the rest of the BedMaster for one year, excluding wear parts.

We Cover All of Your Landscaping Equipment Needs

Shank’s Lawn Equipment doesn’t just carry major brands, we also sell and service equipment from specialty manufacturers like Brown Equipment. If you’re looking for a new edger or trencher, or you need service or parts for your current edger, visit our shop at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. You can also order OEM parts and accessories for your Brown Products equipment from our website, We can ship your order to any address in the United States or Canada.

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