Brown Bed Edger – An Indespensible Addition to Your Yard Maintenance Tools

Brown Bed EdgerThe key to great home landscaping is to pair a well-manicured lawn with flower beds, shrubs and other diversions from the usual landscape that serve to catch the attention of neighbors and passersby. This sounds easy, and it sometimes is, as long as homeowners have the right tools for the job. One such tool is the Brown BedEdger, which can actually dig trenches and outline planting beds throughout the lawn with relative ease. With a number of class-leading features, Brown’s edging equipment is a top choice for homeowners.

A Look at the Brown BedEdger’s Features

Without an edger, digging out beds for plants can be a seriously long process that can take several days at a time. That’s often not compatible with the growing season or with the average homeowner’s schedule, so the company has created a product that is unique, versatile and adaptable to a wide range of environments. Key among these is flexible steering, which is actually hard to find on competing edging products offered by other manufacturers.

In addition to being able to steer the edger rather than just use it in straight lines, buyers will enjoy the 30-feet-per-minute pace of the Brown BedEdger. That’s a bit faster than competing models, and it’s largely due to the powerful Honda engine that comes with each model sold by the company.

BedEdger products are small and designed to be highly portable, with even the heaviest model coming in at just 175 pounds. That means homeowners won’t need a trailer or lift system to tote the edger throughout the yard in order to work on multiple beds throughout the day. Again, this commitment to compact size is strongest at Brown when compared to other companies.

The Specs: Quality and Quantity Come Together

Unlike many competing models on the market, the Brown BedEdger comes with a powerful engine from a major manufacturer. In this case, the company actually includes powerful single-cylinder engines built by Honda in each of its models. Those engines produce up to 8 horsepower during operation, helping to power through even the toughest terrain and the rockiest lawns.

Bed edging can be completed at between 10 and 30 feet per minute while the BedEdger can dig trenches in soft ground at between 7 and 30 feet per minute. Depending on the specific model purchased by consumers, the trenches dug by the BedEdger can ranch from 7 to 9 inches; furthermore, the edging performed by the equipment can range from just half an inch to a stunning 9 inches.

A double belt and pulley drive system is included with all models of the BedEdger sold by brown, giving the mower a bit of added power while ensuring that operation is smooth and does not cause fatigue after just a few moments of use. With steel and pneumatic tires aiding the edger’s performance, consumers will find a steadier and sturdier edging experience throughout any task.

Benefits of the Brown BedEdger Compared to the Competition

Perhaps the most impressive feature found in the Brown BedEdger is its ability to be steered from behind while it edges or digs trenches. This feature might sound pretty basic, but many competing models actually offer four wheels that cannot be adjusted from any position at all. This makes edging needlessly difficult and stressful, and it’s nice to see Brown embracing a better way to get things done.

The BedEdger also comes with a powerful Honda engine that should not be ignored as a key benefit of purchase. Its more powerful nature allows for the digging of deeper trenches or wider edges without affecting overall fuel consumption or causing operator fatigue. That’s a pretty big benefit compared to other models.

OEM Replacement Parts Recommended

Brown BedEdgers, like virtually all other forms of power equipment, require regular maintenance in order to enjoy a long and productive lifespan. When parts must be replaced as part of this maintenance routine, it’s important to choose OEM replacement options instead of off-brand alternatives.

OEM parts are made by Brown and are subject to tough quality standards and regulation. Their guaranteed compatibility with BedEdgers, as well as their identical match to existing parts, means that their performance is dependable and long-lasting. Off-brand parts, conversely, come with no such assurances or guarantees.

Where to Buy the Brown BedEdger

Shank’s Lawn Equipment proudly sells Brown products, including the dynamic BedEdger series. With decades of experience in the power equipment industry, the company’s online presence and offline service staff will make sure that homeowners are buying the right product for their needs without the hassles of shopping at bigger stores. Shanks Lawn Equipment makes ordering parts from their website,, a cinch. With it’s user friendly parts lookup tool, the user can identify, locate, pay and ship with ease.

For those who already own a BedEdger, the company offers a wide range of OEM replacement parts that will deliver guaranteed performance and long-lasting service. Be sure to get in touch with Shank’s Lawn Equipment today for any BedEdger purchase or parts request.

Since 1984, Shanks Lawn Equipment has been in business, providing parts, service and equipment to the surrounding areas. If you are in the Martinsburg, WV or Falling Waters, WV area, stop by and see their facility.


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