Brinly-Hardy ST-25BH Tow-Behind Sprayer

Brinley-Hardy ST-25BH Tow-Behind SprayerApplying fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides can be time-consuming, and if they aren’t applied accurately, they can damage plants instead of helping them. That’s why Brinly-Hardy makes the ST-25BH. This tow-behind sprayer has a robust, easy-to-maintain design that limits wind drift and has a collapsible boom. This cuts operation costs, reduces chemical costs, and simplifies storage and transport.


This update to their ST15BH comes with a larger 25-gallon tank. There’s a large mouth opening for adding water and chemicals, while an extended drain at the base makes it easy to empty and wash the tank after use.


There are two ways to apply landscaping chemicals with the ST-25BH: using the built-in boom for wide applications or a wand for spot applications.

The booms are collapsible, using swing-away arms attached to thumb knobs. The booms are a total of 41.5 inches wide with the arms folded out, spraying chemicals over a 90-inch wide area. When the arms are folded, the width of the trailer is nearly halved, making it easy to store or load on a trailer.

The hand sprayer connects to the pump using a 12-foot hose and has a long wand designed for pinpoint application. The ergonomic handle uses a fencing foil-style grip with a top-mounted thumb control. This keeps the wrist relaxed and the arm position low, resulting in less fatigue than pistol grip wands.

Both the wand and booms use Ultra Lo-Drift spray tips reduce wind drifts, so chemicals land where you need them. These have two inlets that mix air into the liquid, creating air-filled droplets that drift far less than chemicals sprayed by conventional low drift and fan tips.

Power and Capacity

A top-mounted 12-volt pump moves liquid from the tank to the spray heads at a maximum rate of 1.8 gallons per minute at 75 PSI. It connects to the tractor’s battery using an included wiring harness with a built-in switch. This lets you turn the pump on and off from the mower’s operator position. A quick disconnect lets the harness stay on the tractor when the sprayer is unhitched, and an inline fuse prevents shorts and overloading.

When towing the sprayer, the nozzles on the booms apply 56.5 gallons of fluid per acre at 2 MPH, dropping to 22.5 gallons per acre at 5 mph. The hand sprayer keeps a steady pressure of 60 PSI, spraying continuously for up to 30 minutes from a full tank.


The tank and sprayer mount to a powder-coated two-piece steel frame. All components used in the ST-25BH from the tank to the spray tips are made from non-corrosive materials to handle a wide range of lawn chemicals. The only maintenance items on the entire trailer are the pneumatic tires and wheel bearings.


The complete unit weighs 53 lbs. when assembled, and 260 lbs. with a filled tank. This puts it well within the tow limit of most lawn mowers and garden tractors, but it’s a little too heavy for commercial ZTRs. The tow bar works with garden tractor pin hitches.

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