Brinly-Hardy Garden Attachments

Brinley-Hardy Garden AttachmentsHow do you use a garden tractor to garden? With attachments from Brinly-Hardy. Their line of tools gives your mower the power to clear land and maintain soil, taking the work out of maintaining a garden or doing minor landscaping projects. Here’s how they can help you with your next project.

Why Brinly-Hardy?

All of these attachments are built using carbon steel for maximum durability. They connect to your garden tractor using a sleeve hitch, so they work with almost any tractor. These hitches are either built into your tractor from the factory or available as a factory accessory. Like all Brinly-Hardy products, these attachments are guaranteed for two years of residential use.

BS-38BH Box Scraper/Rear Blade

When fully assembled, the BS-38BH is a box scraper. This lets you spread out and flatten loose material, whether you’re evening out freshly broken ground or spreading out dirt and gravel. Take off the side plates and the scarifier bar, and it becomes a rear blade. Using the blade this way is great for pushing around large quantities of snow and dirt when you don’t care about getting a perfectly even surface.

Need to push heavy materials? A built-in weight tray lets you increase the pressure you’re putting on dense dirt and gravel. The blade can be used straight for leveling or locked into place at a 30° angle in either direction to spread material.

CC-56BH Cultivator

Why hoe by hand when you can do the work using this simple tractor attachment? The CC-56BH has V-shaped arms that move in and out, letting you adjust the working width from 18 to 40 inches for clearing anything from the sides of a garden path to open fields.

The height of the 7 12-inch spring steel shanks can be set by moving the adjustable control skids. As you drag the cultivator, these shanks bite into the soil, turning it up while shrugging off impacts with rocks. The ¼ inch angle steel frame designed to support added weight for digging into hard ground.

DD-55BH Disc Harrow

A disc harrow makes quick work of previously-planted soil, turning it to start fresh for a new growing season. It’s also great for breaking up and mixing virgin soil to create a new garden plot.

This attachment has 11-inch diameter discs made from 13-gauge steel. By adjusting the frame, the discs can be set to a 10, 15 or 20-degree angle to get the right cutting aggressiveness. Depending on the angle, this attachment has a working width ranging from 29 to 39 inches.

The frame has a built-in tray that can hold one or two cinder blocks. This added weight helps the discs cut into hard ground and virgin soil.

Two of these harrows can be bolted together to make one large tandem unit. When combined, the inner discs throw dirt out, while the outer discs throw it in, keeping dirt from spilling past the area you’re working.

PP-51BH Moldboard Plow

Moldboard plows are an antique design, but they’re still effective. Its simple, curved plate design reaches the desired cutting depth automatically without extra weight, reducing the stress on the attachment and your tractor. As it cuts, the soil is inverted, stopping the growth of surface weeds. This makes it easier to break new ground with the plow than it is with a tiller. The channels it leaves behind are ideal for planting seeds and running irrigation lines.

The PP-51BH uses a ¼ inch steel plowshare that adjusts to cut an 8 to 10-inch width furrow. The included 13 gauge steel colter adjusts without needing tools, making it easy to get the furrow shape you need.

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