Briggs & Stratton Single Stage Snowblowers

Briggs & Stratton Single Stage SnowblowersBriggs & Stratton may be the first name to come up when talking about small engines, but they also make a range of quality power equipment including snow blowers. Their single stage models don’t just showcase their Snow Series engines, they come with innovative features that bridge the gap between single and two stage designs.

Snow Series: A Briggs Engine Built For Cold Weather

Briggs & Stratton’s Snow Series engines are based on their 950 and 1150 Series designs, but they’ve been altered to handle extreme winter temperatures. The company is so confident of their cold weather performance that they guarantee electric start models will fire up after the second starting attempt at temperatures as low as -20°F. These engines also have oversized controls designed to be used while wearing gloves, so there’s no need to be bare-handed when adjusting the choke or priming the carburetor.

Single Stage Snow Blowers

Standard single-stage snow blowers are powered by the 950 Snow Series engine, a 208cc powerplant that produces 9.5 lb-ft. of torque. This engine drives an auger lined with rubber paddles that scrape up surface snow for a clean finish while propelling the machine, lowering the amount of effort required by the operator. The auger rides on ball bearings and is surrounded by a one-piece housing for durability.
All models have 22-inch wide housings and can handle snow up to a foot tall. Maximum throwing distance is 30 feet.

Four versions are available, letting owners choose between manual or electric start, either with or without a remote chute. Pitch is adjusted by moving a large, glove-friendly handle on top of the chute.


Want the power of a two-stage snow blower with the compact size, mechanical simplicity and low weight of a single stage blower? Briggs & Stratton has managed to make such a machine by designing a unique hybrid auger.

The SnowShredder uses the same rubber paddles to pick up snow as their standard single stage blowers, but they’re mounted on an auger with 14 serrated surfaces. As the snow is drawn toward the chute, these edges break up clumps, turning them into powder that can be thrown further without the help of a second auger. This makes the SnowShredder the perfect choice for handling heavy, compacted snowfall. In the company’s own testing, these models clear snow about 30% faster than their standard single stage snow blowers.

Briggs offers the SnowShredder in two versions. When equipped with the 950 Series engine, it comes with hand-operated remote chute rotation. Step up to the 1150 Series, and you get a 250 cc motor that produces 11.50 lb-ft. of torque as well as push-button electric chute rotation and a work light mounted to the handle. Both models have the same width, snow height capacity and throwing distance of the company’s standard single stage blowers.


Briggs & Stratton guarantees their single stage snow blowers and their engines for one year of residential use or 90 days of commercial use.

Make Snow Clearing Easier This Winter

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