Billy Goat Leaf and Litter Vacuum Overview

Whether you live in a windy city or a sheltered town – garden debris is always a chore to pick up. Sure, the wind may exacerbate the pain of completing your chore in a windy city – but even on a calm, windless day, hand-raking your garden debris is still an unwelcome task. Consider adding a Billy Goat Lawn Vacuum to your yard maintenance toolkit. Lawn vacuums easily vacuum up all leaves, lawn-clippings, twigs and any other unsightly garden debris.

Billy Goat vacuums offer reliable operation, heavy suction, and an integrated wood chipper on some models. Billy Goat debris and litter vacuums fall into three categories with different applications and users.

Billy Goat KV-Series

The Billy Goat KV-Series is the residential and light commercial series of outdoor vacuums from Billy Goat. The series boasts a variety of different vacuums with different features.

The KV600 is the standard vacuum from Billy Goat. Like every other KV-Series vacuum, the KV600 is capable of picking up leaves, glass, twigs, and other common debris. The KV-Series vacuums are capable of clearing 35,640 square feet per hour. The KV600 uses a 190 cubic centimeter Briggs & Stratton motor, while the KV650 is powered by a 187 cubic centimeter Honda engine. KV-Series vacuums come with a 27-inch gobbler door.

The KV600SP and KV650SPH are the self-propelled models. Self-propulsion models are ideal for users who will be coping with slopes and uneven terrain; without the self-propulsion feature, users on uneven terrain may expend unnecessary energy attempting to manage the machine’s progress. For residential or light commercial use involving leaves, twigs, and glass, any of the KV-Series vacuums will serve the customer well. The MV-Series can also collect glass bottles and tin cans up to 12 ounces.

Consumers who expect to cope with branches should strongly consider the TKV650SPH. The TKV650SPH is the KV-Series vacuum with an integrated wood chipper. This feature will save individuals from having to sort and dispose of large branches separately.

An optional 8-foot hose is available with the KV-Series vacuums. This hose kit permits users to reach into compact spaces that the vacuum cannot reach. A housing liner is available to reduce damage to the liner and an optional felt bag will help reduce the dust generated by the vacuum. The company also provides a caster kit, nozzle wear kit, and weatherproof cover to help reduce wear on the machine. All additional accessories are available online through

Billy Goat MV-Series

The MV-Series is the next step up for general-purpose use. Relative to the KV-Series, the MV-Series vacuums offer a wider track with a wider 29-inch gobbler door. The MV-Series uses a larger, six-bladed fan that increases suction over its smaller model. This makes it ideal for heavier commercial uses. For users who intend to vacuum multiple surfaces, this is the heaviest-duty vacuum available.

The MV-Series includes push and self-propelled models. The MV650H is the standard push model, while the MV650SPH is self-propelled. Both use standard Honda motors. The MV600SPE is self-propelled and provides users with electric start functionality. This is a valuable feature for users who intent to use the vacuum frequently.

A wider and longer hose is optional on the MV-Series. This option provides users with a 10-foot hose that they can use to obtain suction in compact spaces. For users who require access to more remote spaces, hose couplers and extenders are also available. However, these will slightly reduce the vacuum’s suction ability. Disposable bag liners are also optional for users who want to increase the lifespan of the main bag.

Billy Goat QV-Series

The Billy Goat QV-Series is the new replacement for the VQ-Series of vacuums. They are vacuums intended for use on hard surfaces only. Thus, these heavy-duty vacuums will be handy in paved areas, although individuals interested in lawn care will be better suited to either the KV or the MV-Series of vacuums.

The QV-Series are the quietest vacuums in their class. The QV uses cyclonic filtration and new technologies coupled with a dust sock to help keep the dust signature down. Like the older VQ-Series vacuums, the QV-Series vacuums are 33 inches wide. However, the QV uses a 36-gallon vacuum bag, while the older VQ vacuums use a 75-gallon bag. For customers who prefer the VQ-Series vacuums, some dealers still have those vacuums in stock.

Optional features on the new QV-Series include a parking brake, dust skirt, and hose extension. The dust sock that is optional on other models is standard on the QV-Series.

Who Needs A Vacuum?

Outdoor vacuums are useful for residential and commercial use. Property owners or individuals hired by property owners need vacuums to clear up tree shavings, broken glass, intact garbage, and other undesirable debris left on the property.

Why Purchase a Vacuum?

Manual raking is time-consuming and difficult. Individuals must collect the leaves into a pile, manually place the leaves into a bag, and dispose of the leaves. Separate obstructions must be handled individually. Wet or muddy leaves are often difficult to collect, and a day of bending over to pick up bottles often leads to a sore back.

Lawn and litter vacuums provide customers with the ability to automate most of the process. Owners can remove all obstructions and debris simply by walking around the property, and any sorting and disposal requirements can be handled right from a single convenient bag.

Parts for Billy Goat Vacuums

Additional accessories are available at Consumers should only use original equipment parts for their Billy Goat equipment. By servicing the vacuum with OEM Billy Goat parts, owners can rest assured that their purchases have met the quality control standards set by the manufacturer. Shank’s Lawn Equipment stands ready to provide owners with quality parts at low prices. Visit for more information.

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