Bighorn 700x Heavy Duty Bennche UTV

Bennche 700HDMost consumers opt for a Bennche utility vehicle because they need its cargo and towing capacity for home landscaping work, commercial lawn maintenance, or some other tasks crucial to outdoor appearance and easy maintenance. For those who buy the Bighorn 700x HD, however, the uses are much more varied. Because this model is upgraded with additional seating, it serves as the perfect companion on long outdoor trips, hunting expeditions, and much more. The equipment’s powerful engine and high clearance give it the features it needs to handle virtually any task, which helps to make the 700x a practical choice for homeowners, commercial customers, and nature enthusiasts alike.

Even so, it’s worth considering the unique features of this particular model in order to determine whether this large, multi-passenger utility vehicle really is the right fit around the home or elsewhere. Bennche models are each tailored to a unique kind of customer who will benefit most from a certain set of unique features, and that’s certainly true with this offering as well.

The Features: Why Opt for the Large Bighorn 700x Crew Heavy Duty?

The vast majority of utility vehicles sold by Bennche under its Bighorn label are designed to transport a maximum of two people between various outdoor destinations. This is seen by many people as a great feature: It keeps the equipment’s size and weight down, and ensures that the UTV will be easily portable between different locations when commercial work is required. In some cases, however, seating that limited is considered a preventative feature that might steer buyers to other models. That’s where the 700x Crew HD series comes in. Instead of carrying just two adults, this model can handle up to four people thanks to its two rows of seating. This makes it the perfect companion for hunters and nature enthusiasts, large landscaping teams, or homeowners with expansion gardens and outdoor recreation areas.

The improved seating is not the only feature that makes this utility vehicle a sure bet for high-end, demanding homeowners with much ground to conquer. The equipment comes with a transmission capable of both high and low ranges, and features a single-cylinder engine that can produce up to 33.5 horsepower when it needs to. The combination of electronic ignition and electronic fuel injection means that this utility vehicle will be exceedingly easy to start and will offer superior fuel efficiency no matter the terrain, the duration of the trip, or the number of passengers.

Included cargo storage is robust, with both a rear bed and a front grill. For those buyers who anticipate being out and about long after the sun has set, the 700x Crew HD series is one of the few utility vehicles to feature full-powered headlights for maximum visibility and a much better commitment to operator safety in a variety of settings. This also makes the equipment a great fit for hunters who often leave long before the sun has come up or stay out long after sunset during the shortest days of the year.

Specifications: How the 700x Crew HD Outshines its Nearest Competitors

The key spec to understand about the 700x HD Crew utility vehicle is the raw power contained under the hood. The single-cylinder engine paired with this UTV can produce up to 686cc of displacement along with its high level of overall horsepower when driven at maximum speeds. It is this excellent engine that gives the equipment its impressive towing capacity. Despite weighing in at 1,540 pounds, the 700x Crew can handle towing up to 1,200 pounds of other equipment around the lawn or to wherever else it’s needed. The engine also helps boost the maximum weight of cargo in the included cargo bed. Owners of this model will be able to tote along up to 400 pounds of extra cargo without placing any added or unsafe strain on the engine the process.

The 700x HD Crew UTV is a bit bigger than other Bighorn models, but that’s only because it features an added row of seating for maximum convenience. The equipment measures 154 inches in length, with a width of just 56.5 inches. A 73.5-inch height keeps the utility vehicle in line with other Bennche offerings, while an improved 13-inch ground clearance allows this model to handle even tougher and more varied terrain than the company’s 400 series and 500 series options.

Get Started Today with a 700x HD Quote and Test Drive at Shank’s Lawn Equipment

Shank’s Lawn Equipment has been the biggest name in power equipment for south-central Pennsylvania buyers for many years. We’re even a close drive from central Maryland, northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. Our team of professionals is happy to provide anyone interested in this utility vehicle with a comprehensive quote that will make the purchase a breeze. We also encourage all buyers to stop by for a test drive that will showcase the excellent power and dependability of this and all other Bennche Bighorn UTVs.

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