Bennche Bighorn 500 vs. Bighorn 500 HD

Bennche500Utility vehicles come in numerous shapes and sizes, and Bennche sells at least one model that fits into every consumer niche. With that said, the large availability of UTV models from Bennche can make it particularly hard for today’s consumers to find the right one for their unique needs. For those customers in the market for a more compact UTV that is highly efficient, easy to store and drive, and spacious enough to carry all kinds of outdoor cargo and necessities, the selection can often be narrowed down to the Bennche 500 and the Bennche 500 HD. Though these two UTVs are from the same model series and product family, they have a few stark differences that will make each model a great fit for a different type of buyer.

The Similarities: A Look at the 500 and 500HD

When comparing the 500 and 500 HD utility vehicles from Bennche, it’s best to start with the similarities between each model. After all, these two UTVs have far more similarities than differences. It all starts with the engine found under the hood in both utility vehicles. Bennche has loaded both models with a four-stroke, 471cc engine. Capable of producing up to 22 horsepower, this single-cylinder engine is still quite small and very quiet during operation. It’s also highly efficient, which means refueling won’t be a major cause for concern during most outings with the UTV. Both models feature on-demand two-wheel or four-wheel operation for added traction and stability, improving the safety of the vehicle’s occupants in a major way.

Both vehicles weigh approximately 400 pounds, with compact dimensions that make for easy storage, or easier navigation in tight areas. The 500 and 500 HD both measure 115 inches long, 56.5 inches wide, and just under 74 inches high. Both vehicles offer a 13-inch ground clearance, perfect for avoiding rough terrain and other objects when navigating wooded areas. Both models feature an identical suspension and they each come with the same, 12-month warranty for peace of mind. Each model can be purchased in blue, black, white, orange, or camo color schemes to meet any buyer’s personal preference or outdoor needs.

So, Where Are the Differences, Exactly?

The major differences between these two models can be found in the value-added features that each contributes to the ownership experience. The 500 model is considered the entry-level of the two, with a more affordable price tag and fewer amenities at the time of purchase. The 500 model does not come with any front cargo storage, nor does it come with an upgraded, full-length windshield. After-market accessories can certainly help fill the gaps that exist with this model, but they come at a premium price that will put the total cost of ownership on par with the 500HD. For that reason, the 500 is often considered the best model for buyers on a strict budget, or those who simply don’t need all of the upgraded amenities that the HD model has to offer.

The 500HD comes with front cargo storage and a full windshield, as well as premium roof materials. This gives the UTV a premium feel that is unique among smaller UTVs. Many accessories are available for the 500HD as well, which allows buyers to turn their high-end UTV into something even more customized and accommodating of their unique needs. The HD model, despite its upgrade, offers no difference in performance when driving between various locations. Maintenance requirements are the same with each model, with the only difference existing in how “loaded” each UTV is at the time of purchase.

Accessories Make the 500 Series UTVs Even More Compelling

For the 500HD UTV, Bennche’s available accessories include a metal roofing material that adds even more potential storage to the mix, a front basket, a front receiver, a silencer, and a front bumper. These accessories are all designed to further enhance the HD’s premium feel, its overall safety, and its utility during early mornings and when lots of cargo needs to be transported. For the 500 model, Bennche sells accessories that include a windshield wiper, a “stereo” roof, a metal roof, and a full windshield comparable to the one that comes standard with the HD model. A 2-inch hitch receiver is also available for the 500 model.

Be Sure to Visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment for More on Bennche UTVs

Customers throughout central Pennsylvania, as well as parts of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, should visit Shank’s Lawn Equipment to get their hands on a new Bennche Bighorn 500 or 500HD. With a location just off I-81 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and a website that offers all of the latest OEM parts and accessories for each model, customers will be able to take ownership of a new UTV or add even more value to an existing model that they’ve already purchased.

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