Bennche Bighorn 400 Side x Side

Bennche 400Bennche is a leading manufacturer of utility vehicles, appreciated as perhaps the one manufacturer committed to both compact size and excellent towing capabilities. The company’s 400 Side x Side model is an excellent example of why the company enjoys such a sterling reputation among outdoor enthusiasts. The compact 400 Side x Side model is designed for two passengers, and features a compact design that allows it to be easily stored when not in use. Even so, this model can be paired with an optional hitch that makes towing larger and heavier objects a breeze. With durable materials, excellent customization options, and an efficient engine under hood, entry-level UTV buyers should certainly give the 400 model a look.

Specifications and Features: A Look Under the Hood

When comparing the 400 Side x Side to other Bennche models, or even UTVs from other manufacturers, buyers need to consider the full list of features and technical specifications that make this compact utility vehicle a good fit. It all starts with the 400 Side x Side’s engine. Though small in overall size, the included 392cc four-stroke engine comes with a powerful, single-cylinder design. The engine can produce nearly 28 horsepower when it’s really put to the test, giving this compact utility vehicle plenty of acceleration power and consistent speed. The overall performance of this engine is also what allows the 400 Side x Side to be used for towing other vehicles, in addition to hauling people and cargo between various destinations.

When towing cargo or other vehicles, the 400 Side x Side can handle up to 1,100 pounds. That’s a significant amount of weight, and far more than what the equipment can store in its included cargo bed. For all but the most demanding buyers, that’s a sufficient amount of towing capacity for both everyday use and occasionally heavier loads. The equipment leverages the power of its engine, as well as the UTV’s overall dry weight of 1,058 pounds, to tow large loads for longer distances as needed. When not towing, this combination of engine power and weight allows the vehicle to offer superior safety and stability to operators as they travel across longer distances outdoors.

Towing capacity is only one consideration to be made when purchasing the 400 Side x Side. The equipment’s capacity for passengers and cargo should also be considered. This is a two-seat UTV model, perfect for one driver and their companion. The UTV features a built-in cargo bed at the rear, capable of handling as much as 350 pounds of extra gear. The cargo bed measures 33.5 inches by 49 inches, making it suitable for small and midsized items. Unlike many other Bennche models, the 400 Side x Side does not come with optional front-mounted or roof-mounted storage accessories, so the rear bed is the only option available for transporting gear between locations.

For the most part, the 400 Side x Side is the most efficient of Bennche’s UTVs, thanks mostly to its more compact size and its smaller engine. A 7.6-gallon fuel tank is paired with this model’s engine, allowing for quite a bit of driving before refueling. It’s worth noting, however, that towing work will drain fuel considerably quicker. Added cargo weight will also reduce the fuel efficiency of this model, just as it would any UTV.

Add Something Extra to Bennche UTVs with Available Accessories

All of Bennche’s UTVs can be paired with a number of helpful and useful accessories, though the 400 Side x Side has perhaps the fewest number of accessories available compared to any other UTV in the company’s lineup. Currently, 400 Side x Side owners can choose from two accessories designed to make their lives a bit easier. The first of these is a two-inch hitch receiver that is offered as a way to make the UTV even more useful for towing purposes.

Another great option available to UTV owners is the 400’s optional windshield, which makes it far easier to drive the vehicle in all types of inclement weather. The windshield is also an excellent idea for any operators who simply want to reduce the amount of wind that circulates through the cabin when the UTV reaches its full speed.

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