BCS Tiller Attachments for Fall

BCS attachmentWhether you think of BCS’s equipment as tillers or tractors, there’s no denying their flexibility when used with the right attachments. While it may seem like it’s ready to put it in storage now that harvest season is ending, there are still plenty of ways you can put this machine to work to help you get ready for winter.

Chipper Shredder

This attachment makes it easy to clean up fallen limbs, create mulch to outline and protect gardens and flower beds, and even turn newspaper into bedding for stalls. A heavy rotor maintains speed for shorter cycle times, while 26 steel flails have no problem chewing through limbs up to three inches in diameter. This attachment works with the 722 and larger models. BCS also offers the EC100 which uses the same construction but has a Subaru EX27 engine on board to provide power, letting you tow it with a 710 or 718 tiller.

Flail Mower

From tall grass to saplings, if it can be bent, the flail mower can cut it. While this mower is intended for heavy vegetation, BCS offers scoop blades and an anti-scalp roller to adapt it for use on turf.

The RollerBlade isn’t as good at general mowing as the standard flail mower, but it can produce smaller debris and its shape and lack of caster wheels makes it more stable when cutting through ditches. This makes it the perfect choice when cutting on difficult terrain and for growers who need to shred cover crops at the end of winter. An anti-scalp roller is included to get a close cut without damaging the soil.

Sickle Bar Mower

This type of mower is usually used for cutting hay, but its low, slim profile lets it get into places other mowers can’t including fences and the edges of steep hills and ponds. Since it only slices at the base of the plant leaving the rest intact, it doesn’t turn rocks and other small debris into flying projectiles. This simple design also reduces power requirements for lower fuel consumption and a larger cut area, letting you get the fastest cut possible from your tiller.

BCS makes a low-cost single action bar and a high efficiency, low vibration dual action bar. The dual action mower is available with fingers for reduced vibration and without for greater durability when cutting saplings and thick vegetation. If you don’t need the power of the flail mower, a sickle bar is a great choice for clearing brush and cropland.

Brush Mower

With a pair of ¼ inch blades, this attachment has all the cutting power of a standard tractor brush mower, but in more manageable sizes ranging from 21 to 32 inches. This mower isn’t as effective at cover crop mowing as the flail or lawn mower, but it works well for clearing thick vegetation.

Power sweeper

This tool may be used mostly for snow cleanup, but it’s also great for removing dust off of paved surfaces and can be used to pull up thatch, making it indispensable for fall lawn care. A long handle allows the angle to be adjusted from the operator’s position. This attachment can be used at the same time as the sulky for more comfort during long stretches of use.

Log splitter

Designed to be used horizontally or vertically, the log splitter attachment has a four-inch diameter cylinder and a 16 gpm pump that exert up to 20 tons of force, cutting through crotches and knots with ease. Total cycle time is just 14 seconds when splitting a 24-inch log. This attachment needs to be used with the power cradle to get the necessary PTO speed and the curved coupler to attach it to the tiller.

Water Transfer Pump

In most areas of the country, fall brings heavy rains that can cause drainage and flooding issues. The water transfer pump can move up to 147 gpm at a pressure of 50 psi for draining ditches, ponds, and pools. A 25-foot long suction hose and 50-foot long discharge hose let it move water over long stretches, while the self-priming pump design only needs a little water added to the pump chamber before operating. This attachment requires the power cradle to get the required PTO speed.

Get More Use from Your BCS Tiller

Shank’s Lawn Equipment is more than just a BCS dealer: we have over 30 years of experience helping customers with their outdoor power equipment. If you need parts, accessories or service for your BCS tractor, visit us at our shop, located at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. That’s just off Route 11, one mile east of I-81. We also ship parts and accessories across the U.S. and Canada. Visit us online at www.shankslawn.com.

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