BCS Front Mount Tractors

BCS Front Mount TractorsDo you have several landscaping jobs throughout the year, but don’t want to buy a piece of equipment for each one? Are you not into gardening? BCS’s front mount tractors may be exactly what you need.

These walk-behind tractors are compatible with the company’s front mount attachments, making them perfect for mowing, clearing snow and many other common tasks. By excluding the rear mount system, these two-wheel tractors can’t use graders or tillers. However, this also makes them simpler, lighter and cheaper than the company’s standard tractors.

Model 620 Max

This small tractor is perfect for light field mowing and landscaping work. It’s powered by a Honda GX240 that produces 8 HP. That puts it in line with the Model 722 tractor. The transmission has three working speeds: 0.8, 1.8 and 2.7 mph. It also has a transport gear that gives the 620 a top speed of 8.3 mph.

The 620 Max is compatible with these attachments:

– 30″, 40″ and 45″ sickle bar mowers
– 22″ lawnmower
– 30″ and 40″ power sweepers
– 24″ and 28″ snow thrower
– Log splitter
– Chipper/shredder
– Mowing Sulky

Most attachments will work with the 660 Max without modification. However, the log splitter requires the power cradle kit to increase PTO speed. The snow throwers require either a PTO extension or quick hitch to connect to the tractor.

Model 660 HS

The 660 HS delivers maximum power to handle BCS’s largest front mount attachments. Its Vanguard V-Twin produces 16 HP, three more horsepower than the next most powerful tractor, the Model 750. This engine drives both a PTO for attachments and a hydraulic pump that drives other tractor functions. Hydraulic steering allows precise inputs and low operator effort, while the hydrostatic transmission allows infinitely variable speed control without slowing down attachments. BCS’s exclusive PowerSafe hydraulic clutches are installed on each drive hub. These automatically stop the tractor from rolling backward on hills.

To best match your local terrain, the 660 HS is compatible with a range of wheel options:

– Standard tractor wheels and tires
– Wheels with high flotation tires to drive over sand, mud and soft soil
– Steel wheels for better grip on soft soil
– Cage wheels paired with standard wheels and pneumatic tires for better grip on hills
– Spiked steel wheels for maximum grip on steep slopes and sandy soil
– Tracks for maximum traction on all surfaces including ice and snow

The 660 HS is compatible with the following attachments:

– 40, 45 and 53 inch sickle bar mowers
– All dual action sickle bar mowers
– 30 and 35 inch flail mowers
– 32 inch brush mower
– 30 inch combo mower
– 38 inch lawn mower
– Hay rake
– 40 and 48 inch power sweepers
– 33 inch two stage snow blower
– 40 inch snow blade
– Chipper/shredder
– 36 inch dozer blade
– 26 inch dethatcher
– Buddy cart
– 3.6 and 4.0 pressure washers
– 50 and 85 PSI water pump
– Mowing Sulky

All attachments require a two bolt 750 bushing. The pressure washers and 50 PSI water pump also require a power cradle kit. The snow throwers require either a PTO extension or quick hitch.

For Big Jobs or Small, Shank’s Has the Equipment and Support You Need

If you’re looking to buy a BCS tractor, add some attachments, or have your tractor serviced, come see the experts at Shank’s Lawn Equipment. We have helped local residential and commercial customers with their outdoor equipment for 35 years. Our shop is at 4900 Molly Pitcher Highway in Chambersburg, PA. To get here, take Exit 10 from I-81 and drive one mile East.

Need parts for your BCS America tractor? We can ship what you need to any address in the USA or Canada. To order, visit us online at www.shankslawn.com.

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