BCS America 852 Electric Start Guide

BCS America 852 Electric Start

The right tractor and small engine equipment can make a tremendous difference in the way that you care for your garden. Not only can the right equipment help you save time and energy on maintenance tasks, but it can also help you raise the scope of your gardening projects. With more powerful equipment, it becomes easier to pursue larger landscaping tasks. One of the most versatile and powerful pieces of equipment that you can purchase for your residential or commercial use includes the BCS America 852 electric start system.


The BCS 852 features a third working speed, as well as a fourth transport speed, which combines the best features of both worlds for a more versatile and useful piece of equipment. The difference in the transport speed allows users to change the application as necessary for their task in the garden. Users can apply the speed to tilling and mowing purposes, and the safety mechanisms are designed to provide customers with even more functionality, such as by limiting the speeds for the implements and available accessories. Additionally, there is a lockout function available on all articles of BCS Professional Series equipment, which makes it easier to improve maneuverability in smaller gardens. The system comes with an efficient Honda GX390 engine, and you can choose between an electric start or recoil device.


The BCS America 852 electric start system is designed for user comfort. It comes with a differential drive with a lockout mechanism that makes it easy to turn and maneuver around tricky spots in the garden, making it easy to till earth around larger shrubs and plant elements. The individual wheel breaks and the different working speeds also make it simple to change the functions of the device as necessary for the task at hand.


The system weighs a total of 342 pounds, and it features a 30-inch tiller for all types of outdoor areas. Users can adjust the speed settings according to their needs, such as up to a 3 forward or 3 reverse setting. The working wheel speeds are available in 0.7, 1.7 and 2.7 miles per hour settings, while transport wheel speed options are available at 8.3 miles per hour for easier use. The equipment comes with an all gear drive transmission, with a double cone and spring-loaded clutch.


The versatility of the system allows you to apply it to all types of garden tasks. Whether tilling or mowing, you can adjust the settings as necessary to get the desired results. Because of the size and ease-of-use that comes with the system, it is perfect for both residential and commercial applications, especially in smaller and tighter areas and pathways, such as around flower beds and walkways.

Attachments and accessories

Customers can choose from a wide variety of attachments for the model, such as furrowers or tillers to create planting furrows and row crops. A moldboard bottom plow helps break sods in the dirt to create seed beds more quickly and efficiently. Customers can also invest in a specialty power harrow, which leaves minimal impact on the soil’s structure, stirring the soil to create level seedbeds in all applications.

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