Argo Centaur UTV Overview

Argo Centaur UTVOne look at the Argo Centaur is all it takes to understand that this is not a typical utility vehicle. In fact, the Centaur more resembles an actual vehicle or a piece of construction equipment. To that end, this particular UTV is good for more than just off-roading and exploring nature. It’s also an essential piece of power equipment that can be used during construction and outdoor renovations, giving its operator unparalleled power, protection, and speed, to get the job done right the first time. Without a doubt, this model stands out as the single more durable, versatile utility vehicle in the Argo lineup. Before opting for this large and impressive piece of equipment, however, customers should understand exactly what makes it different and where it’s most useful.

Features: What Separates the Centaur from the Average UTV?

The most noticeable feature of the Centaur, at least when compared to other Argo utility vehicles, is its used of an enclosed cabin for the operator and their passengers. While several other Argo models at least ship with a roll cage, this is the only model that takes it a step further with an almost entirely enclosed operating area. Enclosing the operator area allows this utility vehicle to be used in more hazardous environments than its more traditional counterparts, and makes sure that both the operator and their passengers will be safe from both the elements and from major safety hazards in their path. ISO 5700 certification still applies to the cabin enclosure, giving it an excellent level of roll-over protection.

Within the enclosed cabin, a series of digital controls and alerts is placed front and center. This makes maintenance and repairs easier to remember and pursue. Unlike most other Argo UTVs, the Centaur comes with a diesel engine. Manufactured by Briggs and Stratton, this larger and more powerful engine was designed to propel the UTV though the most challenging hills and other obstacles on land. This is not an amphibious model, unlike most other Argo utility vehicles. The Centaur must remain on land, but its singular focus allows it to be more powerful and adaptable to adverse conditions away from the water. For added traction and dependability, the 8-wheeled Centaur can be paired with treads on either side of the vehicle.

Because Argo expects this UTV to handle some of the most challenging conditions available, the company has included several unique features designed to boost operator and passenger safety. In addition to its ISO 5700 enclosure, the Centaur comes with a longer wheelbase than other Argo models. This longer wheelbase keeps the vehicle a bit more stable when tackling steeper grades and uneven terrain, and it can also provide for a slightly smoother ride for everyone in the cabin. Three-point seat belts are included as well, offering the same level of safety and protection as regular automobiles. Smoother steering further enhances safety and the overall driving experience, thanks to a dual-differential, hydrostatic transmission. The “Centaurmatic” transmission is unique to this model, and most operators will find that it makes a big difference in the quality of their ride.

Tech Specs: The Centaur is a Powerful Companion for Outdoor Work

Only a handful of Argo utility vehicles come with a diesel engine, and the Centaur is one of them. This model comes with a 34-horsepower Briggs and Stratton Daihatsu diesel engine. This represents a significant departure from the Kohler gas-powered engines with other models, though Argo claims the diesel engine is still just as efficient as its gas-powered alternatives. Thanks to its front bench seat design, the Centaur can hold up to two occupants while in use. Its maximum combined load weight for passengers and cargo is an impressive 2,000 pounds, while its rear towing capacity is slightly higher, at 2,200 pounds. The Centaur features a flat and open cargo storage bed behind the operator cabin for hauling smaller equipment, and comes standard with a hitch for hauling moderately sized equipment between destinations. The UTV itself weighs in at 2,720 pounds, easily making it the heaviest of Argo’s options.

Billed as an all-terrain, all-weather vehicle, the Centaur will experience very few types of weather in which it cannot operator. Argo notes that the Centaur will work properly in temperatures as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit or as low as 40 degrees below zero. With a great series of attachments, that means this model can do everything from winter snow removal to summer lawn equipment transit.

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