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Argo 700 AVArgo utility vehicles are inherently convenient, thanks to their amphibious design and powerful features that make them a natural fit in almost any environment. Even so, many operators are looking for accessories that really up the ante on convenience for their vehicles. Argo offers great accessories that fit just such a description. Whether it’s to enhance cargo storage, towing, or numerous other UTV features, these accessories are a great match for convenience-minded equipment operators ready to enhance their equipment.

Start with Accessories for Better Towing Performance

Towing is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and convenient features paired with every Argo utility vehicle. Most of the company’s UTVs come with a towing capacity of at least 1,000 pounds, though many UTV’s up that number considerably. Towing can be made even more central and convenient with a few equipment additions. It all starts with Argo’s receiver winch and power winch, making it easier to attach trailers and other equipment to the rear of the utility vehicle in a pinch. In addition to these add-ons, the company also sells a number of extra trailers that can haul larger equipment between destinations with ease.

Perhaps the most powerful of these trailers is the company’s 8-wheel model. This trailer looks sort of like an Argo utility vehicle without its top half. As a result, its low center of gravity, eight powerful wheels, and large amount of real estate, ensures that it can haul all types of heavy equipment without buckling. For smaller equipment, Argo’s four-wheel trailer offers a smaller overall footprint with a deeper area for storing smaller items. Both trailers are a great fit for equipment owners who need durability and variation in order to accommodate their most common use cases.

Cargo and Utility Storage: A Number of Great Enhancements for Argo Owners

Hauling is a key component of the Argo utility vehicle feature list, but so is the built-in cargo storage area that sits behind the driver and passenger seats. Argo utility vehicles already boast large storage capacities in this area, but convenience accessories make cargo storage even easier. Equipment owners can start small, with an add-ons like the Argo utility pouch. This pouch hangs over the back of the seat, and allows operators to store smaller items without wasting space in the cargo bay. A gun rack is also available, which mounts very close to the seats and still keeps most of the cargo bay open for routine hauling of larger items.

Other smaller utility accessories include a rear-mounted utility bracket and a rear-mounted utility rack. Each accessory allows for easy utility storage that will keep object firmly in place, safe from damage, and safe from interfering with cargo bay storage for lager or heavier items that depend on a more spacious footprint. Hand rails and a cargo tie-down system are also useful for smaller needs, while a utility storage box is a great way to keep larger items safe from damage on more challenging terrain.

All the Little Things: Small Enhancements Make a Big Difference

It isn’t only the “big” things that add convenience to an Argo utility vehicle. In fact, many smaller enhancements can dramatically change how easy it is to power the utility vehicle through the most challenging terrain it can handle. Little things like an entry step can make it easier to board the vehicle, while a gas can holder simply makes it easier to have extra fuel on hand in case the UTV starts to run low in an inconvenient outdoor area.

Argo’s universal mounting system attachment makes it easier to secure third-party equipment in the cargo bay area, while a tire holder makes it easy to bring a spare tire along for the ride and a tow mount makes it easier to transport equipment behind the UTV across almost any type of terrain. Argo also considers many of its mounting systems to be a “convenience” accessory, making it easier to attach safety and protection accessories to the utility vehicle. When all three categories of accessories are used together, operators will find that their Argo utility vehicle is even more durable, useful, and convenient than they originally expected. Each accessory adds a great deal of value to 6×6, 8×8, and Centaur models that can make them an even better long-term investment for most buyers.

Accessories and More: Shank’s Lawn Equipment Has What Customers Need

Located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Shank’s Lawn Equipment is a convenient and knowledgeable destination for Argo UTV and accessory buyers. Thanks to its convenient location along I-81 in Pennsylvania, Shank’s Lawn Equipment buyers often come even from locations outside Pennsylvania to find the parts and UTV models that best align with their needs. Online, provides the same commitment to OEM parts and accessories that extend the usefulness of Argo’s UTVs.

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