Argo 8×8 XTD Overview

Argo XT800Argo is a leading manufacturer of utility vehicles that range from relatively entry-level to feature-packed and quite advanced. At the high end of the spectrum is the company’s “extreme terrain” model, dubbed the 8×8 XTD utility vehicle. Customers familiar with the typical look and feel of Argo’s utility vehicles will note that this model features several changes, the most noticeable of which is the cage that sits atop the vehicle and protects occupants from the more extreme consequences of more extreme terrain. The equipment is also packed full of features and offers plenty of engine power to buyers who need to travel fast, haul a lot of equipment, or take a few passengers with them for the ride. Buyers who need a powerful, stable, and safe UTV for extremely challenging terrain should look no further.

XTD Utility Vehicle Features for Extreme Mobility and Terrain

When tackling the most challenging terrain possible, Argo equips its XTD models with features and amenities that will add stability, power, and speed, without sacrificing comfort. The 8×8 XTD utility vehicle comes with an Admiral transmission that offers independent wheel control, similar to all of the company‚Äôs high-end 8×8 models. In addition to this transmission, safety and durability are enhanced by a tubular steel frame and sealed axles. The XTD also comes with integrated frame mounting points for easy assembly and attachment of extra equipment, and features both a lower overall weight and a lower center of gravity than many competing models designed for similarly challenging terrain. The XTD model switches out the traditional gasoline-powered engine for an aspirated diesel model, which adds a significant amount of power without compromising fuel efficiency or equipment weight.

A wide, 65-inch wheelbase on the XTD gives it both great stability and added room for passengers and cargo. In fact, this model features one of the largest rear cargo storage areas of any Argo model currently on the market. A full skid plate protects the front and rear of the model from damage that might otherwise limit the vehicle’s useful life, adding peace of mind when navigating tight turns and the extreme, amphibious environment that this UTV excels in. The XTD model, like other Argo utility vehicles, can be customized at the time of purchase by choosing from several exterior paint colors. Customers who prefer to blend in, or at least avoid standing out in a crowd, will enjoy Argo’s black or “mossy oak” camouflage options. For other buyers, the choice between bright red, yellow, and tundra green will offer a way to infuse the XTD with a bit of extra personality.

The Specs: How the XTD Handles a More Challenging Outdoor Landscape

The engine is the star of the show with this model, since Argo has chosen to move to a diesel-powered engine when tackling extreme terrain. The company does stick with Kohler engines for this model, however, as it has done with its other 8×8 models. Under the hood is a 1,028cc Kohler Lombardini KDW1003 engine with electric start and liquid cooling. The engine is capable of producing up to 24 horsepower, and it works alongside hydraulic brakes and the aforementioned Admiral transmission to provide safe and fast speeds in any environment. At its fastest, Argo’s 8×8 XTD utility vehicle can travel 17 miles per hour when driving forward, or 3 miles per hour when shifted into reverse. The diesel engine is supported by a 9.5-gallon fuel tank that allows for extended operation and fewer trips to the pump to fill up.

On land, this model can typically support up to two passengers, though adjustments can be made in order to increase the maximum passenger capacity to four. As this is an amphibious vehicle, passengers can also be transported on water. In those circumstances, however, maximum passenger capacity only includes two people. No expansion options are offered or encouraged. Cargo capacity is similarly robust, with a maximum load capacity of 1,340 pounds on land and up to 840 pounds when the UTV is used around water. This model’s superior towing capacity allows it to move smaller and larger equipment alike, with a maximum weight of 2,000 pounds. The vehicle itself weighs in at 1,750 pounds as shipped, making it quite a bit lighter than competing models that are also manufactured for the most challenging terrain that buyers can imagine.

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